Tampa Comic Book & Toy Convention

Posted on August 7, 2009 by


Wicked Cool Comics traveled to the Tampa Comic Book & Toy Convention this weekend. We weren’t sure what to expect since this was our first time at this convention. We saw a $5 ticket price and a small guest list and thought this could mean anything. The guests were few, but very good, so we went.

When we got there, it was absolutely pouring outside, and the parking lot was still packed. That’s a good sign the locals really like this show.

Once we got inside, the people were fantastic! The folks running it were nice, and had easy smiles waiting for our arrival. The vendors were charming and had great stuff, and the guests were amazing.

A great thing to mention about it being a smaller show than we are used to, is that the guests were not only personable, but had time to take with us. They were not only happy to sign our books, but also willing to share stories and good conversation. We got to meet Chris Claremont, Dick Giordano, Chuck Dixon, and Joe Rubinstein. Joe was our favorite. He had us laughing from word one, and continued to keep us smiling. There were a handfull of other great creators there as well, but these ones were our focus for the trip. We even got to see Pat Broderick doing sketches at his table.

(please feel free to click the pictures to get a better look)

Chris Claremont Dick Giordano

Joe Rubinstein Joe Rubinstein

The vendors were quite fantastic as well. We managed to talk with some very charming people who were obviously there having a good time. We got some great deals on really good books, and over all had a really good time with them. I wish a few more of them had been able to take our credit card, as we were expecting they would and came a little ill prepared for mostly a cash handling convention, but it didn’t ruin our time or being able to find what we were looking for.

The Heroes Alliance was there, which means costumes, costumes, costumes! That is always one of my favorite parts of conventions, the people who dress up! They held a costume contest upstairs out of the main crowd, and announced the whole thing.

All in all, this was definitely a smaller convention that we normally see, but a great experience. The Tampa Comic Book & Toy Convention is held three times a year and I can definitely see it becoming a regular visiting place for Wicked Cool Comics.