Mini MegaCon coming next weekend

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Wicked Cool Comics will be attending Mini MegaCon next weekend.

Mini-Megacon '09

MegaCon is typically in March, but this year is the first ever Mini MegaCon. It is the halfway point between this year and next year for MegaCon goers. The show seems to be a bit smaller that the typical MegaCon gathering, and is a 2 day event instead of 3.

There are several creators we are excited to meet. For us, it’s about them. Although we do love the costumes, too!

Here’s the guest list so far:

Drew Geraci, Dick Giordano, Greg Horn, Casey Jones, Phil Noto, Christian Slade, Tony Bedard, Sergio Cariello, Jim Cheung, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke, Chuck Dixon, Greg Land, Alvin Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jeff Parker, Mike Perkins, Brandon Peterson, Steve Scott, Arne Starr, Amanda Stevens, Billy Tan, Tim Townsend, and Renee Witterstaetter.

You can also see great people attending artist alley!

Let us know if you are planning to attend, we would love to meet you. Also, get a picture with us in your costume and you could end up in our costume gallery! We post our favorites from each convention we attend.

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