GeekPoints: A whole new kind of game

Posted on August 21, 2009 by


Over the last few days you have probably heard us talking about a few exciting things in the works. One of them is a new game called GeekPoints. Here’s how it works:

Each day on twitter, Wicked Cool Comics will post a question clearly marked for earning geek points. All you have to do is be the first to answer correctly. Some will be easy, but don’t let that fool you… we have some hard ones up our sleeve too.

So, when you know one, send us an @reply with your answer in it. (We will only be accepting @replies, no emails or DMs will be counted even if you are the first to answer. This way there is absolutely no dispute over who answered first) If you are the first one, you win GeekPoints. Most often GeekPoints will be given out in increments of 10, but really hard questions may be worth a little extra ;).  We will post the winner, and how many GeekPoints they earned.

We have added a page to our site (see the top row) to keep track of the GeekPoints. When you get to 100, you can cash them in for comic books on our ebay page. Each 100 GeekPoints equals $1 on ebay. If you like, you can hold on to them and cash in more than 100, but you have to have at least 100 GeekPoints to cash in at once. You can use them to get a $1 comic free or you can use them to toward a more expensive comic book. However you like.

There’s no limit to how many questions you can answer or how often you can earn GeekPoints, so dive on in whenever you can! We will NOT be asking the questions at the same time everyday, you just have to watch out for them. Our first GeekPoints question will be posted later today.

And above all things… Let’s make this fun!