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Posted on September 11, 2009 by


Wicked Cool Comics would like to give you a few updates we are rather happy about!

  • We are now capable, willing, and ready to begin shipping to Canada! Our listings will now include out neighbors to the north going forward. We hope that this will prove to be successful as a first step to becoming a fully international company.
  • The signing with Phil Noto at Action Games & Comics went very well, and he even did a fantastic sketch for Arlene (TJ wasn’t able to make it to that one).
  • We are set and ready to attend a Jason Aaron signing this weekend at A Comic Shop. These parties usually prove to be fun and exciting for everyone involved.
  • Our GeekPoints game is still coming along quite well. We are glad that everyone is having a good time playing. We also introduced 50 point Fridays and Holiday Jams. If you are unaware of either of these, please see our GeekPoints page and it will give you all the details.

That’s about all for right now… so happy geeking everyone! Enjoy your weekends!

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