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Posted on September 18, 2009 by


Good Morning everyone!

It’s a super happy Friday here. I hope yours is too. We have some news for you in the wonderful land of Wicked Cool Comics… here goes:

  • Our GeekPoints Game is still doing fantastically! We are very glad that people are getting into it and having fun.
  • Congrats to Ebay-er hammerone911 who won the auction for our original Catwoman artwork by Salvador Raga. This piece was put up for auction with 100% of sale price going toward The Hero Initiative.
  • Congrats to Andy Jewett who will be premiering his newest mini comic SICKO:I’m Hoping For A Re-Arrival Of My Health at Windy City Comic Con.
  • We sent a review of Mini MegaCon in to the F-Bomb Zine, and we are hoping that they use it.

That’s about it for right now… Have a Happy Friday!

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