Sicko: A mini-comic review

Posted on September 30, 2009 by


I had the fine pleasure of reading Andy Jewett’s new mini-comic last night.

It’s called SICKO:I’m Hoping For A Re-Arrival Of My Health and that alone makes you wonder exactly what you’re getting into.

It is a mini-comic, so it is smaller and shorter than your average comic book.

That being said, he had less room to convey personal feelings, thoughts, and actions in the story. He did a fantastic job! It is the thoughts and feelings from the point of view of someone who is sick without knowing or understanding what’s happening to them. He tells the story from inside the character’s mind giving you a real inside feeling.

The artwork on each page makes you want to pause and take it in slowly so you don’t miss something, but the writing keeps you turning the pages. I read through it once, and then immediately reopened it and went through again.

If you have ever been incredibly sick, and confused about it… you will understand this book on a personal level. If you haven’t, you should read it anyway because it is just plain good.

Great Job, Andy!