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Posted on October 2, 2009 by


I wanted to give you all our Wicked Cool News before the weekend. We are very excited about a few things happening now, and almost bursting to tell you!

  • We have opened up our shipping areas again! We are now officially able to ship to: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Japan. You will start to see these places as options in our new listings. The only downside is that due to the cost of international shipping, we won’t be able to offer free shipping to these places.
  • We have tons of new stuff coming your way over the next few weeks. We will be bringing the same great comics to you, but we will also be offering some great new incentives! You’ll have to wait and see as they come up, but we know you’ll love them!
  • We are featuring the creepy this month, so send us in your creepy, scary, or down right gruesome comics and we’ll post them here for you! Send info to wickedcoolcomics@gmail.com
  • We are still taking donated pieces to auction with proceeds going to The Hero Initiative. Our last auction was a success, and we would love to be able to feature them more often. We want one of a kind, original, signed prints. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

That’s all for now, have a brilliant weekend everyone!

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