Where Are You, Wicked Cool?

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You have probably noticed that Wicked Cool Comics got a little quieter recently.

Don’t panic! We’re still here and doing fantastic! We have gone through a few changes recently.

For instance we are now shipping to most of the world instead of just the US.

  • This is great news for us, but it has taken quite a lot of preparation. We had to change our shipping methods to be accepted worldwide, figure out shipping costs, and alter the way we are listing things. Not to mention all the planning and figuring that went into understanding customs for that many new places.
  • That single change has also changed the way we handle things shipped inside the US. While looking into the best possible shipping methods internationally, we came across new domestic options as well. We feel that the new options will be better for both of us.
  • If you have ordered anything from us before, then you know that we are very particular about how your books get shipped. If you haven’t, then please feel free to look at our feedback to see what others have said and rated us as. Click Here to check it out.

We are also planning to do more comic lots.

  • This was an idea we had passed back and forth in the beginning, but we weren’t sure how they would be received.
  • Now that we have had more time to hear what you guys think of things and to see what items have a greater demand, we would like to offer them.
  • There are so many options when we consider lots. We have done full runs, sets, and by character as testers to see what you guys are looking for. We have gathered a lot of opinions on it, and we want to make sure we do it just right.
  • We are in the process of figuring out what kind of lots we want to offer, what sizes, and of course the best possible way to ship them.

We are also putting together new incentives.

  • Our GeekPoints Game will remain the same so that you can play trivia questions and earn points. We are very happy about the response that has gotten. And we’re ecstatic that you guys are having fun with it.
  • We want to come up with new ideas to earn free shipping and discounts on almost every listing.

We’re also working on bigger and better ways to feature creators.

  • If you have an independent title you would like us to review and feature on our site, we would love to hear about it. Send us an email giving us a basic description and include some artwork. We’ll get back to you with instructions for sending it to us, and we would be happy to review it.
  • We are also constantly taking donations for our Hero Initiative auctions. Remember, these are one of a kind, signed prints and every penny of the sale price gets donated to The Hero Initiative. These pieces get a featured post here on the site, our twitter, and special attention on our ebay page.
  • We are also considering possibilities of having a monthly meet and greet for artists and writers. A place where you can come and post a sample of your work to be seen by other creators, and take a moment to browse through the other posts. It would be done in comment form here on our site, but you don’t have to sign up for anything, just leave an email.

So as you can see, we are trying to get several new things and improvements up and running at the same time. We have worked quite hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We expect to be listing again by this Friday, and fully operational with all the new standards in place by then. Remember, we are collectors too, so we want everything just right.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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