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We have some exciting news to give you… and we wanted to share before you all run off for the weekend.

  • Our latest auction for The Hero Initiative went over very well. It was a poster of the Sinister Six  originally drawn and donated by Kevin Greaves, and we’re proud to say it sold for $31.00. Thank you again, Kevin.
  • Also keep in mind we are always taking donations of original artwork to be auctioned off to benefit The Hero Initiative. So if you are an artist, or know one please feel free to contact us in regards to it.
  • We also have a new author to add to our Wicked Cool site. His name is Robert Kyle, and he will be popping in from time to time to give you heads up on what’s going on. He’s bringing some very interesting articles to the table, so be sure you check him out!
  • We have been putting out things other than comics to see how well you guys liked it. We put up some of the Avengers Priority Identification Cards, and they have gone over well. We are also bringing out more posters, stickers, and character cards soon for you guys. We are happy to bring you the extras, so let us know what kind of things you would like to see and we’ll do our best!
  • This month will feature our first edition of Creator Cafe`. We will have a monthly post set up for you guys to come and share your artwork. You can post in the comments (no need to join or sign up for anything, anyone can post)  any new artwork, coloring, writing… whatever you’re working on and want to share. Feel free to give us links to webstrips, or covers of the new book, to show off, too. I want to set these on the last weekend of each month.

That’s about it for now, guys. Have a great weekend!

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