According To Twitter: The New Apple Tablet

Posted on January 27, 2010 by


Here’s what our favorite creators have been saying on twitter about the new apple tablet. I think it’s safe to say the comic book industry is a bit excited for it’s new toy.

  • @robertliefeld I will own the Apple tablet the day of release. I will bite ankles to get it.
  • @skottieyoung Work will be tough today as I’ll be watching live updates on the apple tablet at noon. This thing better blow my mind.
  • @skottieyoung If the apple table is a sweet as I want it to be, I’ll be buying that piece the milasecond it hits!
  • @agimatcomics I can’t wait to see the Apple iTablet. It’s supposed to come out today. Excited to see it!
  • @pafford Everyone is saying the tablet can’t live up to the hype. They say the same about iPhone and I *love* my iPhone as much today as 2 yrs ago.
  • @pafford Holy crap!!! The Apple Tablet has 7 heads and if you cut one off TWO grow back in it’s place!!! Plus it plays Farmville!!! Each head!!
  • @Avatarpress Comic Day, apple tablet day, need-to-get-stuff-done-before-it-gets-closer-to-Friday day.
  • @wrater Following the Apple event on @gdgt with @ryan <;
  • @MerrieDestefano With all this Apple Tablet/iPad hype, there’s one thing I haven’t heard. How much it costs.
  • @MerrieDestefano Unless the new Apple iPad is about the same price as a Kindle, then I’m not falling in love. I have enough over-priced toys.