Blackest Night is under Siege

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It’s no big secret that Marvel and DC comics have a love / hate relationship. They hate to love each other and we love it when they hate each other. Now it looks like the newest gauntlet has been thrown down. (Sorry, but no gems come with this gauntlet).

If you have been out of the loop let me fill you in. Marvel has come out and said that if shops send in 50 covers of 6 specific comics they can get a very rare Siege #3 variant cover.  So what if Marvel is asking shops to send back some comics you ask? Well, for one they are not asking for their own comics back. That would be silly. Instead they are asking for 6 different issues of Blackest Night.  Here is where the plot thickens my captivated readers.

Marvel wants the shops to send in the covers of Adventure Comics #4, Booster Gold #26, Doom Patrol #4, Justice League of America #39, Outsiders #24, and R.E.B.E.L.S #10. If you don’t recognize them these are the comics that the different colored rings shipped with. Part of Marvel’s tweet slap to DC saying that at least they do not give away Cracker Jack prizes with their comics. (What was wrong with Cracker Jack prizes? Why hate on good snack food Marvel?)

Of course much like a jilted lover there are some catches to this deal to get back what you want. The covers returned have to be from the 1st editions of the comics only. The second printings that end up lying around are not good enough, and most of these comics got a second printing. (Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact you had to order so many to get the rings? Hmm… naw). Also as I keep saying it is only the covers. Meaning the shops have to rip the covers off the comics thus rendering them with no value.

Now let’s run down the Pros and Cons of this devious decision. Mama always told me if you do not have anything nice to say then do not say anything at all. Well, since I do not talk to her much anymore let’s start with the cons.


  1. Marvel is coming off as that jerk in High School who you finally got one over on by getting that new car, so they have to get the Hummer, run over your car and laugh at you. Is it cool? Yes. Do they now look like a jerk? Yes. Do they still get the head cheerleader? Yes.
  2. It in the end this could end up costing the Comic Stores some money to go through with this.  Say these comics do not sell and they have to cut prices down to $1 each. That is still $50 right out the door plus postage. Can the variant cover be worth the minimum $50 it is gonna cost stores to get it? Maybe. The exact number of copies being released has not been given yet. Though in the end I doubt it’ll be worth the cost, but expect stores to charge you it anyway. So this is costing everyone.
  3. This is not a Con for the buyers of the original comics, but not exactly a Pro for Marvel. By destroying so many copies of the 1st printings of comics it is going to heavily escalate their value. Not just the limited numbers of the issues this will cause, but the fact they are part of a critically acclaimed mass-arc and now they are part of one of the biggest bitch slap moves in all of comic history. So to get back at DC Marvel is making their books worth more, making people want to find them and since the comics were already bought not costing DC any money. And you thought Brand New Day was a smooth move.


  1. Marvel is really getting their name out there. With this people who forgot Marvel was even doing a “big” event are again paying attention. Did you even know Siege was out or up to issue #3? I know several people who didn’t or just didn’t care enough to find out. So for word of mouth they are definitely getting some kudos.
  2. If enough stores do this it will somewhat prove that Blackest Night is not selling as much as people think and may not be as good as everyone makes it out to be. Maybe just maybe this will get people to read Siege and choose Marvel over DC thus wining this battle of an endless war, or it could just end up giving collector’s a new trophy to add to their collection that they’ll never read but gladly show off. Yeah I am gonna go for the latter here.
  3. Most of all though the biggest Pro to this whole thing? The cover looks bad ass! Who better to have on your side in an insane war than Deadpool?

So in closing is this a really smart move by Marvel? I am going to go with a big “Yes” on this one. They are getting their name back out there and inserting it in what is arguably DC’s greatest accomplishment since the Death of Superman. DC will get a boost from this as it sparks up a war and even more interest in Blackest Night. Not to mention collector’s get a new buck to hunt and mount on their wall. Never say that Marvel does not have a good marketing department and know how to make even being a jerk a good idea.


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