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Welcome to our first episode of Creator Cafe`. A monthly addition to Wicked Cool Comics where we can all get together and show off our creations. That’s right, this time it’s about you. We want to see what you’re working on.

*photo credit goes to Harald Walker. Click the photo to see its original post.

Since it’s been cold lately, I decided to go with

Asparagus & Red Bell Pepper Soup

for todays Creator Cafe` treat! It sounded just right to warm our tummies while we talk art. So gather around the table, grab yourself a bowl, and show us what you’re doing with your creativity. Whether it be the cover of your new book, a webstrip you put out, a piece you colored, a sample of your newest writing efforts, or something else you just want to show off. Think of this as your moment to shine, promote, or post your works… what ever you’ve got, be proud and let’s see it!

Please also feel free to reply to other people’s posts and/or artwork. Be respectful to everyone involved or your comments will be removed. For sake of being sure everything posted is acceptable (doesn’t have to be rated G or anything, just not terribly offensive or attacking anyone else here in the Creator Cafe`) you can post a link to your image, and I will edit the pictures in as I approve them. Don’t worry, most cases your picture will have no problem being approved.

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