Anti-Venom New Ways To Live: A Wicked Cool Review

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Anti-Venom New Ways To Live

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical going into this book. I mean, I’m all for curing the evils and stomping the bad guys, but Can an Anti-Venom be as cool as the bad guy Venom? We all fell for Venom as a character when he was running around doing the gruesome killing and being that awful bad guy that you wanted to route for… so I didn’t want to see that messed up.

Let me start by saying the artwork is amazing. I love every panel of it. You know how sometimes you get a book that the front characters are great, but the background leaves something to be desired? This is NOT that book. Its characters grab you and draw you into the scene, where the backgrounds and surrounding characters are just as well done giving you a real gritty feel to it. The colors are great too. They manage to be bright and full of life without taking away the dark setting of the book.

The story itself is not something you haven’t heard before. Superhero busts into a room full to the brim with bad guys, and commences to kicking butt. However, you definitely don’t want to miss the delivery of a series of good one-liners, and internal dialog that make this one stand out. I love the references to old Venom, angels and devils, even some star mentions, and guest appearances.

Overall, though I started out questioning the idea in my head, I can say there was very clearly a lot of work put into these pages to make sure every one was worth turning. Good job, boys!

Zeb Wells

Paulo Siqueira

Amilton Santos

Fabio D’Auria – ‘comifab’

Dave Lanphear

Stephen Wacker