Deadpool Reckoning

Posted on February 22, 2010 by


Ever wonder what would happen if you took an un-killable zombie from a horror movie, combined it with a well trained mercenary, and threw in a dash of smart ass? If so then I would like to present to you this one of a kind product that you can only find here, or in comics, or on TV, or in a movie… okay it’s not rare, but none-the-less I give you Deadpool!

See, Deadpool is one of those enigmas of the comic world. He is silly, stupid, and weird, but he is also bad ass, strong, cannot be stopped and endless amounts of fun. Deadpool is a very flawed and funny anti-hero. He is possibly the biggest anti-hero in the entire Marvel Universe. He is the “Merc with a Mouth” for a reason. He is a hired gun that will take on almost any job for the right price and has no real problem with taking out “innocents” as he believes no one is really innocent.

To understand this guy you really have to pull out the couch and go deep into his past (assuming he is not going through one of his bits of amnesia again). As a child he was abused by his father and dealt with a screwed up childhood. He joined the military young (because if you’re screwed up that is always helpful) and became a mercenary at a very young age.  From here things got worse and I mean the kind of worse that borderlines Wolverine’s shattered past.

Speaking of Wolverine’s past you cannot really tell Deadpool’s story without Wolverine and the Weapon X program. First off Deadpool is not a mutant. Not by birth anyway. He actually worked for the Canadian Government (no that is not an oxymoron) and got involved in the joint venture between Canada and North America that lead to him being a lab rat for Weapon X.  They took Wolverine’s healing factor and put it into Wade Wilson. Then when he was ready to get out they put him into an insane asylum and a battery of tests left him scarred from top to bottom. He took the nickname Deadpool from the “Deadpool” they had going there to see how long someone would live there.

Deadpool has been involved in just about every part of the Marvel Universe. He has teamed up with most the teams, with several of the individuals, and has dealt with almost every entity in the entire Universe. Most notably you’ll probably remember the fun of him and Cable running around to “save the world” for awhile. Was a nice series idea to combine a guy who can never shut up and thinks Bea Arthur is the hottest woman on TV with a guy who has had a stick up his butt so long it has taken root. Of course not all team-ups were always as pleasant for him.

Though the funnest thing that makes Deadpool so readable is the fact he is one of the only characters who breaks the “4th wall”. Meaning he actually knows he is in a comic book and even at times talks to the reader. He is great with one liners, but nothing can top him discussing how he can see things in people’s thought boxes. Kinda brings a whole new meaning to “mind reader”.

If this is not someone you have let into your comic life, or if you are a hardcore fan of another studio, then find a bit of time and be a traitor to check this guy out. Don’t worry if you do not think you can get enough Deadpool in your life as soon there will be enough to go around. I will wrap up this article with a simple word of advice to find everything he is in and see how messed up he is and with an image of his next series. Until next time keep reading the thought boxes, sharpen your swords, throw on a mask, and brush up on your pop culture one liners.