Choker Signing With Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool

Posted on March 3, 2010 by


We had an awesome time hanging out with Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool last night for their signing of Choker at A Comic Shop.

It was great to see how people gathered around and brought everything from comics to video games to get signed.

Both of them were exceptionally friendly. At any given moment you could find either of them talking to a group of people or answering a series of fan questions. They certainly had their hands full keeping up.

They were there from 3pm to midnight, and left again first thing in the morning. Busy boys, with a full schedule.

A big “thank you” to them for coming out, and also A Comic Shop for setting up another fantastic geek party!

Please take a moment to see the website for A Comic Shop by clicking their logo. And if you’re in the Orlando/Winter Park area and haven’t been to see them,  you are definitely missing out.


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