Screw Chad’s Cancer!

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A dear friend and fantastic artist, Chad Fuller, was recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s a rare sarcoma cancer in his leg like artist Michael Turner had.

When we originally found out, it was due to a post on his DeviantArt site where Chad poured his heart out to those who watch him on the site.  He stated the following on helping raise money for his doctor bills.

“I’ve been working as a freelance artist as of late since I lost my last job, but because of that, I don’t have any insurance as well, so the doctor bills have been mounting on me. My brother set up a foundation to collect money for my doctor bills, it’s called “The Friends of Chad Fuller fund,” and you can make a donation at any First Source Bank or online at their site. Also if anyone wants to make a donation to me at Paypal, they can use also. Anyone who gives me $5-$10 at paypal, I’ll do a sketch for you, and for $25 I’ll do a full color illustration also of a single character for you. I really appreciate it.
So $5-$10 dollars will get you a sketch, just make a note for what you are looking for when you make the payment in paypal. And $25 will get you a full color pic, just again make a note when you use paypal so I know what you are looking for as well.”

If you are unfamiliar with Chad’s artwork, shame on you… but we will let you make it up by checking it out now. Please click the icon to see his DeviantArt and browse through his gallery.

Since his original post, artists and friends have come together to help as much as we can. Some have commissioned him for sketches, some made donations, and even more impressive… some formed a group. If you are on DeviantArt, you can join this group. I know in the state of our union not many people have much money right now, but you can still contribute by donating artwork to be sold in his honor.

This is the logo and link for that group. Whether you are an artist who would like to contribute, or a fan who can buy a piece… please take a look. There are some fantastic pieces here waiting to be purchased for a good cause.

In our most recent update on Chad’s condition, he posted a heart-felt thank you to everyone lending their support, and gave us news from the doctors.

“When it comes to the cancer, the doctors have told me that this is the rarest of the rare sarcoma leg cancer, so my treatment is limited, but they have some ideas on what we can do to win this battle. I’m going to be gone for the next week for treatment, so I wanted to let everyone know the reason you won’t see me update or post anything. I’ll be back next monday, so I’ll keep everyone up to date then.”

We wish the best for Chad, in all of his journey to come. PLEASE, even if you have little to give… take a moment to be thankful for the battle you are not fighting in your lives, and help someone who is. You can also help by posting this article to your friends, the share button at the bottom of this page works with most email systems, and social networking sites.

Our thoughts and good wishes are with you all.


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