Siege: Spider-Man #1

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Siege: Spider-Man pits Spider-Man against Venom, courtesy of Brian Reed and Marco Santucci! With interconnecting covers by superstar Marko Djurdjevic, these all new stories provide insight into the major players of Siege and set the stage for the dramatic Siege finale!

Cover date of June 2010… we still managed to wrestle up some reviews to see what the readers think of this one-shot tie in to the Siege storyline.

This has continued the good track record these Siege tie-in specials have earned. Both the Young Avengers and Captain America issues were better than they even needed to be, and so is this. Even though this is just a “bridge” to get readers from one part of Siege to the next, it’s an enjoyable story in itself that delivers on what you’d want out of a superhero comic.” –Zack Freeman on

While I don’t think it was really needed, it was written in a way that made sense.  It’s a nice, easy, one shot, anyone could read it.  The Bugle Girl introductions in the ASM books basically make most of the series new reader friendly.” –jlat89 on

Santucci’s visuals are quite nice.  He draws Venom with the appropriate amount of gnarly gore and gruesomeness.  I almost felt like all the blood, guts, slime and slobber was going get on me when he was punched, or was tearing Asgardian noggins off shoulders, or when Gargan or Carol was torn from the symbiote.  I really liked how Santucci handled the art.  From one panel to the next, I really felt the art was coherent and flowed smoothly.  In general, his art was very easy on the eyes and actually elevated Reed’s words.  So, two big thumbs up from me.” –Geoff on

When you get a chance to pick it up, let us know what you think… we always love to hear from you!

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