Blackest Night: A Wicked Cool Review

Posted on April 25, 2010 by


Blackest Night

In this storyline there is a black lantern ring that has emerged to resurrect and recruit dead heros to fight on the side of the darkness. You will witness the various other colored ringholders as they have to learn to fight on the same side in order to overcome their new found nemesis.

Wicked Cool Comics is glad to bring you our opinions of this great story in DC Comics history.

    The Good

  • This is a great jumping on point if you are new to DC characters, or even new to comics.
  • A relatively fast paced story takes you into the action without a lot of build up.
  • It is a well written story throughout that will keep you interested. It also doesn’t tend to leave you with a lot of inside jokes without giving you some bits of background to the characters.
  • The artwork is amazing, and beautifully done splash pages will grab your attention every time.

The Bad

  • Some characters didn’t get introduced or explained as well as they could have for new readers.
  • The villain himself seemed a little weak in character, though he was presented as a very powerful being.

The Summary

We would definitely recommend Blackest Night to other readers, new and old alike. It is easily one of the greatest big events that DC Comics has brought us in the last several years. Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis make a fantastic team, and we are anxious to see what Brightest Day has in store for us!