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Wicked Cool Comics was lucky enough to attend C2E2 for their first ever show! It was absolutely amazing, and I can honestly say we were impressed with every step of the way. We will definitely be attending again, no doubt about that!
This was our journey…

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image by wickedcoolcomics image by wickedcoolcomics image by wickedcoolcomics

First off, we stayed at Hotel 71, and it was a beautiful. Our room was very nice, and we had a great view of the city. Everyone there was very helpful when we needed anything while finding our way around Chicago. Plus, there was a shuttle that took us to and from the convention, which made things a whole lot easier!

Check out these pictures of our room. (Pictures were taken with my camera phone, so sorry they are a little low res)

We spent our first night there out wandering the streets of Chicago looking for something good to do, and we met a lot of fun people. Saw a couple good bars, even spent some time wandering around underground… what a laugh.

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image by wickedcoolcomics

The convention itself was an absolute Blast!

We’ve been to a good number of conventions in our day, and I can tell you… this one was the best set up for handling large crowds. They had plenty of room between vendor booths, a great set-up for the creators who were going to have long lines, AND everyone was in Artist Alley… not just the indie folks. We really enjoyed the ability to mingle with everyone at once. They also had it very clearly mapped out, now that’s just good planning… we were able to find the people we wanted to see in a snap!

We got to meet a lot of really cool creators, and had a chance to talk to several of them about projects they have coming up, and what they are looking forward to. We also got to revisit some of our favorite people, which is always really nice. You can see some pictures here of people we met and talked with. We got tons of books signed, too.

There was a lot of excitement going on at any given moment in the vendor areas, too. The marvel booth had some really cool giveaways, and feature artist signings. The DC booth displayed a ton of really exciting toys, and also had a good number of featured creators signing. Between the booths of “the big two” alone, you could always hear people jumping up and down, and yelling with excitement. The crowd was definitely happy. We even won an awesome Iron Man 2 movie poster from one of the Marvel giveaways.

One of our favorite vendors is always the T-shirt stand, because we love to see the fresh new designs… and there are always good ones available. C2E2 had two great big T-shirt vendors, plus several small ones, so there were a lot to choose from.

There were a lot of really cool vendors there to hang out with while we were checking everything out. Remember Labrynth? Remember how Jareth the Goblin King spun the clear speres in his hands? We got to spend a little time learning the tricks to being able to do that! Not that we can now, it takes tons of practice as you might imagine… but it sure was fun giving it a try.

We got to talk to, and spend some time with the artist RAK who does amazing sketch cards of characters from comic books to old cartoons. We’ve been fans of his for some time now, so it was good to finally meet him in person.

The comic book vendors that were there had an amazing selection, too. There were only a couple things we couldn’t find… but mostly everything was readily available if you were looking for it.

They had the Batmobile from the old TV series, and you could take your picture in it… WITH Batman! That’s pretty cool. We didn’t get our picture in it… but I did get to snap a shot of myself and Batman :)

The weather was a lot better than we expected, too. That made trips outside to visit the lake, and lunch breaks a breeze. (get it? a breeze). We had a few choices when it came to in convention food, which is really good… sometimes there isn’t a real option. They even had a whole seperate stage set up for live performances, trivia games, and comic book readings while you were out in the food areas. We mostly stuck to going outside and enjoying the view of the lake, though.

On Saturday of the convention, we got to meet up with a couple of our creator friends from Indiana, Jon Kulczar and Andy Jewett. We had a very enjoyable time hanging out and catching up while we could. Of course, they had their own agendas while they were there… but who could blame them?

PLUS! We were very happy to see lots of people dressed up. We do love the costumes! You can see those pictures in our costume gallery.

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Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak image by wickedcoolcomics

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Saturday night, we got to attend “An Evening With Neil Gaiman”. We were very fortunate to be there for the first one of these that he has done in over 10 years.

He read some of his work to us, and did Q&A for a while, then closed by reading some more of his poems.

I must say that with Neil Gaiman being one of my two favorite writers of all time, it was moving enough that it honestly brought tears to my eyes.

It was a journey of meeting new people, navigating a strange building, and finally taking a cab to get back to the room since we ran far longer than the shuttles did… but it was far better than well worth it.

Neil Gaiman image provided by C2E2 website
Well, that’s it for our C2E2 review… we hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to send us your thoughts in our comments section, or on twitter!


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