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Here we are guys, our monthly chat about art and artists. This is where we can all get together and show off things we’re working on. Be proud of your work, and post whatever you’ve got!

*photo credit goes to FotoosVanRobin. Click the photo to see its original post.

Oysters with Black Beans

Don’t be shy, grab some oysters and come sit down…

Whether you are working on something big or something very small, we want to hear about it. This is a great place to post, plug, or promote what you’re doing… so let’s see it. You can give us a new book cover, webstrip, something you colored, or anything else you have created that you would like to show off.

Please also feel free to reply to other people’s posts and/or artwork. Be respectful to everyone involved or your comments will be removed. Or if you don’t want to comment, you can always rate other people’s posts by clicking the thumbs up or down to vote on their comments.

If you would like to post (and we hope you do) simply leave a comment with the URL to your image. I will add the images in as I approve them.

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