A New Beginning For Xavier’s Mutants In X-Men #1?

Posted on April 30, 2010 by


In recent months, the X-Men have faced grave threats — the restoration of Magneto, the return of Cable and Hope, the Mutant Messiah, from the future and the battle that ensued for the fate of mutantkind — and have witnessed the welcome return of one of their own, Kitty Pryde, from presumed death. Following in this wake of both great tragedy and great triumph, Marvel Comics’ mutant heroes face a new beginning with the debut of an all-new X-Men #1!

In a story ripped from today’s headlines, San Francisco reels from an attack by a suicide bomber. Terrorism has come to the shores of the United States, and the populace quakes in fear. Who will be the next target? Where? The X-Men, having adopted San Francisco as their new home, have a personal stake in bringing the terrorists to justice. But this is no ordinary terrorist cell feeding on the fear of San Francisco’s citizens. No, it is the vampires who are seeking to disrupt society, to stake their own claim on control of the world. And the X-Men, as mutants themselves the next step in human evolution, will have to wage a war against another species, the vampires, with the fate of the Earth in the balance!

Victor Gischler, the celebrated crime novelist and writer of Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth andThe Punisher: Frank Castle MAX, chronicles “Mutants Versus Vampires,” the next chapter in the amazing career of the X-Men. Joined by Deadpool artist Paco Medina, X-Men promises hard-hitting stories and dynamic artwork for a series that will be a real treat!

The X-Men are all that stand between humanity and the vampires that would hunt them, and before the war is done the Marvel Universe will convulse. This marks the start of a brand new era for one of Marvel Comics’ most storied teams as X-Men #1 debuts this July. Are you ready?

*Info on X-Men #1 from previewsworld.com