Kick Ass: The Comic & The Movie

Posted on May 2, 2010 by


The Comic

This series is one of our favorite of the past several years. Mark Millar writes it in such a way that really brings the characters, not only a sense of “superhero” but also gives a very realistic edge to the whole experience. The artwork by John Romita Jr. lends a very New York, dirty, gritty feel to it and at the same time is as bright and bold as any mainstream book should be.

The main character, a teenager who decides to become a real life superhero (minus the super powers) comes across as a deep determined soul who is getting his first shot at glory. You literally get to watch him get his ass handed to him time after time, and yet he is still getting in the ring to give it a shot. You end up feeling connected to him on a very human level, and routing for him from some place in your childhood watching a bully get his.

Aside from Kick Ass, you also have exceptional supporting characters! How can you top a daddy/daughter super-team who’s been in the game long enough to be real good at it… and has the weapons to prove it? The classic teen show off with the hot rod car, and all the gadgets even gets his place in the story.

By the time you realize you have become consumed by such a great story, you have also formed a strange sort of kinship with the nobodies. The fans that build up around them, stand in the streets to cheer them on, and log on to youtube so they don’t miss a beat… you become one of them. You ARE that fan.

The Movie

This is one of those comic book movies where you know they had to alter the story a bit, but by the time you saw it… you weren’t mad.

They managed to keep the gritty feel of New York with the bright superhero colors, giving you the same mood, and feeling the comics had. The internal monologue that was essential to the story in the comics, came across even better in the movie.

The cast was phenomenal, every person involved did a great job of playing the part they were chosen for. I can not say enough about the step further that was taken by the actors when the books jumped onto the big screen and played out in movie form. The geeks were fantastically geeky, the villains were both generic, and frightening… and the superheros were, well… super. To have as many teenaged actors involved as this movie required, and have them come across so well was amazing to see.

The fight scenes alone would have made this movie worth watching. Between choreography, and weaponry they certainly put together a great show when it was ass kickin’ time.

The soundtrack could not have been more perfect. Every song played off of the scene it was mean for, and fed the hyped up mood of the whole shebang.

DO NOT miss this flick while it’s still larger than life in your local theater!