Wicked Cool Design Contest

Posted on May 3, 2010 by


Wicked Cool Comics is proud to bring you our first ever design contest! We love original artwork, and we want to give you a chance to show off what you’ve got… here’s how it works.

Our theme this time is 4th of July

  • You design a postcard that matches our theme and send it to us
  • We’ll post all the entries here to be voted on
  • The design with the most votes wins!

It’s really that simple. Of course there are a few more details to it… but that’s the idea. Who’s with me so far?

Now, I know that you’re wondering “what do I win?” I would be, too. So here you go…

First Place Prizes:

Your designed will be mailed out nationwide as part of a Wicked Cool Comics Promotion

You will receive a feature article on our site to show off your winning piece

You will receive a Wicked Cool Prize Pack including a copy of Captain America #600 signed by Alex Ross

Second Place Prizes:

You will receive a Wicked Cool Prize Pack including a copy of Captain America Theater Of War signed by Phil Noto Sounds pretty fantastic so far, yes?

Here are the rules to designing and entering your postcard:

  • You must use the Wicked Cool Comics logo somewhere visible in your design
  • You must leave a space for us to print our text, or if your design wins we will print over part of it
  • Your design must be family friendly. This is at our discretion, so if we determine it is in appropriate, we may ask you to alter your design
  • Your finished entry must be in full color. It works best during the printing process
  • Your finished entry must fit the “4th of July” theme

Once you have designed your postcard:

  • You email your design, as well as your full name and mailing address to wickedcoolcomics@gmail.com
  • You CAN NOT post your entry on the internet before we post our voting blog. After we post the blog with all entries in it, you are free to post anywhere you like, and encourage voters on your behalf

ALL entries MUST be turned in by Sunday May 23rd, midnight eastern time.

Winners will be decided by public votes ONLY!

Here are some things you might need:

  • Dimensions of your design should be:
  • Full Bleed Size
    5.59″ x 4.33″
    142mm x 110mm
    1677 x 1300 pixels
    Document Trim Size

    5.47″ x 4.21″
    139mm x 107mm
    1642 x 1264 pixels
  • Our logo can be found here for use in your design:
    wc_medium_logo.png picture by wickedcoolcomics

Have fun everyone! I can’t wait to see your designs.