DC/WildStorm’s Ex Machina Winds Down

Posted on May 4, 2010 by


ex machina

Six years after creators Brian K. Vaughan & Tony Harris first mixed the science-fiction thrills of Unbreakable with the political intrigue of The West Wing, DC Comics/WildStorm Productions’ showcases the dazzling climax of their efforts with Ex Machina #50.

An examination of politics and heroism in a post-September 11 culture, Ex Machina has consistently generated high acclaim and high sales with its stories of former civil engineer/masked crimefighter Mitchell Hundred. Since switching careers to become mayor of New York, he has used his political wiles and his ability to communicate with machines to fight for justice in different, often dangerous, ways. Now, as the series closes, events unfold that were foreshadowed in the title’s first issue, which should make it indispensible to its many fans.

Suggested for mature readers, the 32-page, full-color finale is set to ship on July 28 with interior art by Harris & J.D. Mettler and a wraparound Harris cover.

*info on Ex Machina from previewsworld.com