Fallen Siege

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In February Marvel Comics solicited a catchy title called Fallen, with no information other than the word CLASSIFIED. It was clearly related to the mega-crossover Siege.

Shortly after that, we got to see a cover, but it wasn’t very helpful. It had been redacted, a nice government word for blacked-out. A character was presumably dead in the arms of a bunch of heroes. He -or she- had hair (which ruled out Professor X and Luke Cage) and could have been lots of different characters. The internet buzzed with speculation.

Then Siege happened. Norman Osborn invaded the mighty, walled fortress of Asgard, laying siege using a novel strategy…having The Sentry knock an entry hole through the entire city.

When Ares, God of War led the charge to stand up for his fellow Asgardian god-buddies, The Sentry did something to Ares that there’s really not a word for. Rip-sploded might work.

In Siege #3 The Sentry performed an un-controlled demolition of Asgard by knocking holes through the foundation until the whole thing fell down. Boom.

No caption.

At the end of Siege #3 it was a question of  “Who Let The Void Out” as The Sentry turned into a world-ending nightmare.

Siege #4 (which should be read first, before Fallen) will be in comic shops this Wednesday, along with Fallen.


*info on Fallen Siege from previewsworld.com minus spoilers