Avengers Day Buyers Beware

Posted on May 20, 2010 by


Wicked Cool Comics had a great time during the Avengers Day celebration. However after looking at any number of ebay listings the day of we noticed that there were a number of Avengers #1 gate fold variants that were being sold for as high as $140.00. Not that there is anything wrong with that however buyers need to be aware that the same cover was given out at selected comic book stores as a print. We would hate to see anyone shelling out their hard earned money for what could actually be a regular Avengers #1 with a switched out cover. It wouldn’t be very Avengers behavior to pay a premium price for something that you yourself could switch out the covers on.

We at Wicked Cool Comics are collectors, and we love a rare variant as much as the next person. But please beware if you are going to purchase this variant, you will want to see a picture of the staples first.


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