…and Our Winner Is

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Most of you know we recently had a design contest. The idea was to design a postcard for us to use in our upcoming nationwide promotion. We had a lot of fun doing it and all of our entries were fantastic. I’m SO glad we let the voters decide because I wouldn’t have wanted to pick between the pieces we got.

We let you guys pick our winner, and here it is:

This entry was submitted by Jon Kulczar of Mishawaka, Indiana. (yeah, I can’t pronounce it either)

So here’s a little bit about our winner:

“Have been self-publishing my own comic book, Wicket and Imp, for about 15 years now.  Take the awesomeness that was Calvin and Hobbes, introduce it to LSD, and in a little mixture of buddy comedy movie and that’s Wicket and Imp…. oh yeah… add in vampire pigs, militant penguins, tyrannical evil cats, and athlete’s feet demons.
“Anyways- have peddled the books around the comic book circuit for a few years now, as well as online… and in the last year or so,  I started up a webstrip featuring Wicket and company.  It’s called “Doom to the Internet” and can be found at my Deviantart page: www.5chmee.deviantart.com
I’ve also, in the last year, started up my own line of trading cards… taking my stylized art fun and applying it to more mainstream characters like Batman, Spiderman, Kratos and many many others.  This card line is called “Lil’ Fellars” and can also be found at my deviantart site as well.
“As for the postcard- I knew right from the start that I wanted to use Wicket and some sorta firework mishap.  I’d actually done a similar image wayyyyy back when as part of a sign at work just saying I was gonna be on vacation for the 4th of July weekend.  I’d always enjoyed that image of a smoldering Wicket, with a “…the hell?” look on his face.  Past that, I knew I wanted to incorporate the American Flag as well and decided against your traditional appearance for it… thus I neglected to put the stars in their spot on the blue field.  I felt that the flag is iconic enough that everyone should know what it was.  Plus it gave the image more of a stylized look to me and I really dug it… the use of the Wicked Cool Comics logo was easy, as the contest and card was for them… thus I made the logo a little bigger to stand out better.  And I think that’s it… there were more thoughts in the art making process but mostly they were cuss words and things that really can’t be repeated:)
“Finally- I just wanna pass along a big thanks to Wicked Cool Comics for this oppurtunity.  It was a blast to be in this contest… and I had a lotta fun.  Also- a word of thanks and congrats to the other contestants.  Wicket and I enjoyed the battle with ya guys… Wicket now loves Melvin and wants to blow stuff up with him :)”

Jon is also a regular contributer to our Creator Cafe` where we offer creators of all types a place to post what they are working on. Giving them amoment to show off. You can find those posts the last Friday of each month. In the meantime, please check out his deaviantart site, he has some cool artwork posted there pretty regularly.

In a very close second place, we had Karl Lind from London, England.

Both of these artists will be receiving their prizes very shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered, and all those who stopped in to vote. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. We definitely hope to see you back for the next Wicked Cool Design Contest.