Hack/Slash: My First Maniac # 1 Gets A Second Printing

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Tim Seeley’s first release since bringing cult classic Hack/Slash to Image Comics — Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 (of 4) — has sold out at the distribution level. Image Comics has announced it is taking it to press for a second printing.

“I’m so pleased that Image gave me a chance to reach a whole new audience,” exclaims Seeley. “Thank you readers, new and old!”

“We’re thrilled that Hack/Slash is getting the attention it deserves,” adds Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “Tim & co. are doing stellar work on this book, and with a new ongoing slated for the end of this year, we hope to create an ever-growing audience for Hack/Slash.”

Hack/Slash: My First Maniac is an all-new mini-series that explores Cassie’s first case! A lovely 16 year-old Cassie Hack has just been forced to kill her mother, the undead murderer known as the Lunch Lady. Now faced with overwhelming guilt, she must decide if she can make a life with her foster parents or use her new-found slasher killing skills to save other screaming teenagers. But the underlying question is…does the apple fall far from the tree?

Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 Second Printing, a 32-page full-color comic book, will be available July 14, 2010, the same day as Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #2.

Item Code Title Price
MAY108016 Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1 Second Printing SRP: $3.50
MAY100478 Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #2 SRP: $3.50

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