Dark Horse & Toshiba Launch “High Def” Partnership with USA Today

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“High Definition” takes on a new dimension as Dark Horse ComicsToshiba and USA Today launch a joint venture that promises to expose the comic book and graphic novel medium to the mainstream in exciting new ways, beginning with USA Today’s coverage of Janet Evanovich’s Troublemaker Book 1 HC on June 16, followed by all-new editorial content this fall!

Dubbed DH:HD (Dark Horse: High-Def), Dark Horse & Toshiba’s bold initiative will consist of editorial features, preview comics, and original comics that will run through the end of the year in USA Today. This program will be featured both in the print and online versions of the news publication.

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This high profile positioning of Dark Horse in USA Today should result in exposure of the innovative publisher’s diverse catalog of comics and graphic novels to a greatly expanded audience, creating consumer demand (and increased comic shop traffic) from a potentially untapped readership.

“As an entertainment company, Dark Horse prides itself on pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking creators and content,” said Mike Richardson, president and publisher of Dark Horse Comics. “We’re excited to continue this tradition by showcasing some of our most exciting stories in this all-new program with these great partners.”

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“As a leader in home entertainment built on Toshiba’s rich 130-year history of groundbreaking technologies, we are proud to associate our products, including our new LED HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players, with the compelling and legendary Dark Horse brand,” said Maria Repole, vice president of communications for Toshiba. “This truly exciting campaign will help Toshiba build a connection with a passionate group of consumers eager to experience fresh content in innovative ways.”

USA Today is excited to be partnering with Toshiba and Dark Horse on this innovative program. It’s a terrific example of how USA Today can take exclusive content and turn it into a compelling cross-platform reader experience,” said Susan Lavington, senior vice president of marketing for USA Today.

Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse has been a proponent of innovation and excellence in the comic medium from its inception. With a stable of some of comicdom’s most acclaimed talents, and a pioneering devotion to the highest production values possible, Dark Horse quickly became one of the industry’s leading publishers, an elite grouping in which it remains to this day.

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Building on its initial successes with comics like Frank Miller’s Sin City, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, Sergio Aragonés’Groo the Wanderer, Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete and many others, Dark Horse soon moved into the world of licensed comics, thrilling readers with all-new adventures from the worlds of Star WarsBuffy the Vampire SlayerAliensPredatorConan and others. Moreover, the publisher’s Dark Horse Entertainment film company has been instrumental in brokering movie and television adaptations of a number of comic creations, including box office blockbusters like Sin CityHellboy Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and300.

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Dark Horse has also played a key role in expanding the ever-growing popularity of Eastern manga with Western audiences, importing titles like Lone Wolf and CubOh My Goddess!Ghost in the ShellBlade of the Immortal, and more. Emerging as a leading voice in the wave of horror comics that have taken the industry by storm, Dark Horse has scored hits with B.P.R.D.Dylan DogThe Goon, Rex MundiThe Secret and many others.

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