Geek Treats, Too Sweet To Eat

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching at the end of next month, and no annual Turkpocalypse would be complete without dessert! Yep! There’s nothing better than following up on all of that T-Day turkey and fine fixin’s then with a slice-of-pie chaser (and a scoop of ice cream, ‘natch).

thanksgivingBut you know what? We could all do better than mere pie, delicious though it might be.

Sure, we’re all about traditions here at PREVIEWS, but we also like to mix things up. And although we would never dream of replacing the traditional holiday turkey with a mock Klingonese roast beast, we won’t necessarily rule out changing up our game when it comes to dessert.

Which brings us to this month’s fun feature… How Sweet — and Geek! — it is! Read on folks, for the mouth-watering, nerd-tastic desserts that are: Geek Treats, Too Sweet to Eat!

That’s right, we’re bringing you a look at the world of nerd baked goods… cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more, all decorated and decked-out to represent some of our favorite fan obsessions!

Who wouldn’t want to “EXTERMINATE!” an entire plate of these Whovian marvels?! These were created for the birthday party of a Doctor Who fan, and you can tell that some time was put into their creation!
Wolverine’s the best there is at what he does, and apparently Brian from Sweet Karma Desserts also shares the same claim to fame with his Wolverine Bust Cake! “Snikt?” Snackt!
Featuring a colorful image of the classic Legion of Super-Heroes members on its surface, this one goes in the “win” column for sheer number of characters crammed onto one cake!
This extremely well done cake looks like it could take a bite out of someone before they had a chance to cut themselves a slice… gotta love those teeth!
From edible lightsabers to Darth Vader’s signature helmet, these Sithfully delicious cupcakes are fit for an Emperor… or Star Wars fan!
Created by the amazingly talented “Sweet Pudgy Panda”, this astounding Batman & Robin cake was created for a young lad on his 5th birthday… From the bat-signal and various bats to the hand-crafted Caped Crusaders, this one truly was almost too sweet to eat!
One can almost imagine these Space Invaders cookies slowly marching out of oven… dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum… our plate is the reinforced bunker, our glass of milk the laser which destroys them.Yum!
These Zombie Cupcakes each feature a pudgy dough-hand reaching out of a green coconut “grave”. Ironically, they’re all 100% vegan…
This was but a small sampling of some of our favorite nerd baked goods to be found out there on the wild, wild Interwebs. First and foremost, we hope they gave some of you creative-types a nudge to try your hand at creating some baked coolness for yourselves. Or at least made you hungry!
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