MegaCon is Coming

Posted on March 21, 2011 by


We are busy preparing for MegaCon in Orlando these past few weeks. It’s a great and exciting time, as we always start our convention season off with it. We are looking forward to seeing some great artists. Some we are revisiting, and a few we will be meeting for the first time.

We will have some incredible new things posting to our eBay once we return, and hopefully you will come check it out.

Also, don’t forget, if you are going to dress up come and get a picture with us… you could end up in our costume gallery! We LOVE all the creative people who usually come to MegaCon, and so far it’s our favorite for costume turn out.

Let us know if you’re going, and if you have a table tell us the number so we can come by and say hi!

Hope to see you there!

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