Thor Movie – First Weekend and Review

Posted on May 9, 2011 by


Thor Movie PosterWe had the pleasure of seeing the Thor Movie in 3D this weekend. With all the movies that are coming out in 3D lately, it is easy to find yourself debating which ones are worth the extra dollars and crowds to see that way. Trust me when I say this is one you’ll love. There were several great parts where you’ll burst into laughter, and at least a couple of epic shock and awe.

The few things I was worried about going into a full on Thor movie were the swinging of his mighty hammer, and (let’s be fair) the rainbow bridge. I expected those two to stand out as things pulled off far better on paper than film. I stand firmly corrected. The two minor parts of concern for me as far as visuals go, were handled so well in fact that they fit flawlessly into the god-like scenes and surroundings of the rest of the movie. All around I give the visuals an astounding A+.

The plot wasn’t anything that would send you into shock and awe, but certainly not bad by any means. It was interesting enough to keep you in your seats and satisfied while you are dosed with a heaping spoonful of familiar names, faces, and character roles. I think that Thor readers of any age group will be highly entertained seeing their comic book great come to life on the big screen.

Now for the numbers:

Thor was the #1 movie this weekend after opening to 25.7 million on Friday, which included 3.3 million on it’s Thursday midnight showings.

According to the WP and the Studios estimates, Marvel’s Thor topped the weekend with $66 million with it’s opening taking the top spot for the weekend.

Overseas, Thor has already made $134 million with a worldwide total of around $200 million. It’s been playing strong throughout the week. Plus with a “A” cinema score from audicences, it should be playing strong for months to come.

Outstanding, I say!

Happy geeking, all. When you see it, let us know what you thought :)