Flash Allen: Savior of the Multiverse

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Do you remember when Wonder Woman and her Amazons took on the forces of Atlantis? Remember when heroes were not united and were kept quiet while the world fell? How about when Bart Allen was captured by Brainiac in the 31st century and lost all his powers? If you answered yes to any of these then you are among the very few that include Barry Allen, Bart Allen and Booster Gold. You also probably read comics prior to this Summer.

Right now in the DC Universe they are answering a question that many people have thought about but have not truly seen. “What would happen if a villain went back in time and altered the events that led to the creation of our heroes and our world as we knew it?” In this case we are seeing this unfold after the events of Reverse Flash traveling through time and changing major events. Of course there are a few hiccups such as the fact no one knows what events Reverse Flash has set and over time Barry Allen is losing his memories of the 21st century as we knew it. Somewhat ironic that dealing with time travel everyone is on a tight schedule before it ends. Just saying.

If you want to see what the world looks like with events altered this is the series for you. As much as the logic with this fails I highly recommend putting on Flash Gordon in the background and play a game of “Name the scientific flaws.” Before you start your whining though about a “paradox” and how this makes no sense think about a few things: 1. What would a horror movie be if they never checked out the weird sounds? 2. What would become of James Bond if the villain did stick around to kill them? 3. What would become of Star Trek if there was no Q? In the end the greatest things in the world have logic flaws, because if they never did you would have nothing to read and no fun. So before stepping into this mess let go of your High School physics class and just have some fun.

One of the greatest things about this series is watching the characters come to life from the different views. What if it wasn’t Thomas Wayne that died, but Bruce instead? Thomas Wayne took on the mantle instead and began to fight crime in a rundown Batcave with a rundown Wayne Manor. All was lost with Bruce and he falls into obscurity trying to stop what he can, but as a much colder being. This character alone makes the comics worth reading as it really shows that Thomas Wayne would have been proud of Bruce, the world with Thomas and not Bruce is harsh, and the events that formed Gotham as a Mecca have now been destroyed and the city is drowned in crime and gambling.

You also want to be impressed hop into the series and see how bad ass they made Aquaman. Everyone uses Aquaman as this running gag to prove how useless some heroes are, but with the full army of Atlantis behind him and the Atlantean technology he is responsible for the death of over 100 million people. Even the Amazons stepped up to show they are warriors and have killed their own numbers in the millions. Two civilizations thought to be useless and filler have proven without the “good guys” running them and given into normal problems of countries all war breaks loose and we will fall in the middle. Proof of why the world needs these heroes and the checks and balances they have is an amazing thing and when done right is great.

Are there flaws with this storyline though? Well, this is not exactly the hope diamond here. This arc falls under some of the old stand bys that we saw with Crisis on Infinite Earths, and just about every other alternate dimension / alternate storyline. We see some villains become heroes, some heroes become villains, heroes afraid to come out of hiding and so on. Sadly this is far from new or original. Not to mention why the 3 main characters who know the original timeline is very half heartily explained. “They are time travelers outside of time so they can know what is going on.” Is pretty much the answer we are given. However, several other characters who can time travel are in the dark as well and only have memories of the new timeline.

Where we are now is the heroes (as they are) trying to change the world and time running out for Barry as he slowly loses what is left of his memories and starts fading into the new timeline. He has seen his mom who had died, his wife dating someone else, loss of his powers, and sheer insanity where no one seems to believe him, or believe him way too fast. There is no telling what events have been changed and how they are going to reverse them and put it back to normal, but we also know some things will not be the same.

Coming up fast on this event is the DC Universe reboot. All titles over time getting re-launched with a #1 issue and several comics are not what they were. Some minor, some major, and some that just make no sense. The question now comes down to how will this end? Will they be smart about it, or just forget this happened? Here is hoping that Barry does try and fix the past, but what things are different are lost to him as he is absorbed into the timeline. A clean slate of all heroes not knowing what happened and how all events have been altered. I personally want to see the final frame of the last comic be a look in Barry’s eyes as the world changes and he knows there are differences and he just says, “I tried everyone… hope this is good enough and you can forgive me for failing.”

Flash is among the comics to be rebooted and it makes me wonder “how do you handle a character who almost single-handedly saved the universe as we know it, but no one will ever know what he did?” For a universe altering over arcing event this has to be one the better ones in how they handle the characters and how one is left wondering the outcome. With the reboot coming can DC truly keep up the good work in getting a new lease on characters, or will this all get erased in a year? Here is hoping they stick to their guns and we see something new and great and not what everyone expects.

Join me now in raising a glass to a toast for the universe as we know it as we may never see it again… Sorry I cannot set up some montage to play here like the Oscars do, but just go back and re-read your favorite stories from the decades of ink filled pages and take note of what you want to stay around and what you hope goes away.