Rebooting a Legacy

Posted on August 29, 2011 by


In this day and age when TV and movies are rebooted there is no surprise that comics have over time picked up the same mentality. Marvel had their Ultimate Universe and DC even re-launched the Wildstorm line. However, no major comic company has rebooted their entire line of comics until now. DC in the near future is going to be rebooting 52 titles back to #1. Now the question is; will this make the company #1 or leave them in the bargain bin?

Let’s start by breaking down how this new lease on life for comics is going to look. Mind you that there are very few facts known about the reboot, so this is going to be a lot of guessing based on what we know. Even the Riddler leaves more information in his clues than we get with this one so hold for a wild ride with enough conspiracy theories to make the Question’s head spin.

For the first run out there are going to be a total of 52 titles getting rebooted with 52 more being talked about in the near future (can someone explain to me DC’s obsession with 52? Always thought 42 was the answer personally, but back to the subject at hand.). In the first set to get dropped we are seeing some big titles such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. Apparently no one told them blowing your load in the beginning does not tend to make me people happy.

Guess I should point out that this “reboot” is coming to us from hot on the heels of a massive comic event; Flashpoint. To explain how Flashpoint works and truly understand it you need to get a master’s degree in theoretical science, burn it and then in a haze of breathing in chemicals from the ink attempt to create a time travel paradox… yeah that is about how much sense it makes. The short less headache inducing version is that Reverse Flash (most original villain name ever!) went back in time and altered events causing several things within the DC Universe to change and Barry Allen is fighting to put it all back the way it was.

With that in mind we can assume that as no time travel is perfect and all things can be altered and usually will be that Flash may settle for “close enough” over right on the money. Here is hoping he at least goes out with an awesome version Johnny Be Good. To prove this we can go with the fact Birds of Prey, Nightwing, Batgirl, and more are getting #1 issues as well. So characters that took years to put together already exist and have their own lines. Even Damion Wayne is Robin. Yet some things do change as Bruce is still Batman and he would only have had 4 Robins and not 5. Then again who really even counted, or knew of, The Spoiler as a Robin? Not a major casualty in the war against continuity and common sense.

With clues put together we can pretty much sum this up as not so much a reboot as much as a “We did what? Ummm… fix that!” situation. Of course we can forgive DC for this as they have never done anything like this before… *cough*Super Boy and Superman Prime punching through reality shattering the universes again*coughs* Sorry I really gotta get that looked at. Where was I? Oh yeah not really a reboot. More and more this appears to be a tool for DC to hit the reset button on some events, give some characters a much-needed face lift, and really get back to the old ways.

This may seem like a bad thing, but it does have some bonuses to it. They are resetting a lot without coming up with all new origin stories or making us read months worth of comics for origins we already know. Now will some characters get a complete origins overhaul? It is fully possible, but so far we have seen more overhauling by tailors on their costumes than writers for these new heroes and villains.

It may be easier for new readers to come into the comics as well if they get rid of a lot of the giant convoluted events they have done and just go with basics. A chance to not make some characters the long thought dead half twin brother of this character’s cousin. Hopefully DC takes this time to give us back the characters we love and simply a universe that has grown too insane and contradicts itself on a regular basis.

For the good or for the bad this event is happening and you can rest assured once we know the outcome of it all we will let you know and see how you feel about the DC Universe as it will stand. Let’s just hope however it comes out we do not get another Crisis on Infinite Earths they just make null and void in the end anyway.