Top 5 Hottest Women in Comics

Posted on September 3, 2011 by


What is a comic book website without some top number lists, and what is a set top number lists without a “Hottest” category? To start off the lists right let’s go with the hottest women in comics. Spanning as many decades as they have there are a lot of women to choose from, but over time there have been five outstanding women who have withstood the test of time to remain the girls nerds pin up on their walls and boys get funny feelings when they walk by the comics and see them on the covers.

#5 – Vampirella

No woman can withstand aging as well as a vampire can and no vampire has ever matched the hotness of Vampirella. Born in the late 60’s Vampirella has fought many foes, crossed into many comics, been an icon of seduction and done it all in the same tight red leotard that would make even Elvira blush. Little of her was not seen and people clambered to still get to see the rest.

To add to her hotness she has even crossed over with other beautiful women who almost made this list including Lady Death, Magdalena, Shi, and many more. Most of whom paled next to her beauty and none could match her blood lust as well. She has had several big name models pose for her including the ever lovely Julie Strain. Sadly her one and only movie was not that amazing, but here is hoping she gets another treatment with a star worthy of her looks.


#4 – Emma Frost a.k.a. The White Queen

Emma is one of those surprise hotties from the X-Men series. Brought in as a villain and originally not major she sky rocketed to the top of the most wanted list, and I do not mean the one the FBI has… okay maybe the ones the horny FBI agents have. Of course as she has proven one of the things that makes her hot is the fact if you do not think she is hot she will make you think she is someone else, not like she has ever actually done that to trick Cyclops into think she was Jean Grey at all.

Of course with Ms. Frost you do have to accept the crazy to hotness ratio matrix. Meaning the hotter they are the crazier they will be. In this case you are dealing with a woman who has been evil, good and evil again, she has lied and changed her form (through telepathy) to get the man she wants, and is even the mother of three of the weirdest females in all of X-Men history. Then though you see her as if Anjelina Jolie played her and it all makes it worthwhile. So I give you The White Queen; the poster child of the crazy to hot ratio.

#3 – Sara Pezzini a.k.a.Witchblade

When discussing hot you have to go with the girl next door meets the bad girl meets the hot tomboy meets the cop. In a long list of popular fetishes Sara has covered just about all of them. Proving you can be a strong female character who takes shit from no one, yet make every guy wish she would take something from them. Even the witchblade itself adds to this insane beauty with tight revealing outfits that are essentially her just a thin layer right over her skin.

To further prove why she has made it so far up on the list you have to take two major things into account. One being much Vampirella she has had crossovers with an endless line of amazingly divine women to simply add to her looks. The second thing is a very rare thing in comics to be sure. She was pregnant for some time and still made every man want her and which they were the father, or at least that they could be her “daddy”.



#2 – Harley Quinn

Okay, remember that crazy to hot ratio rule mentioned above? Yeah well this is a woman that not only uses that ratio to her advantage, but really is a whole new world of loco. Obsessed with a lunatic, acts like a child, loves bazookas, and has at least one degree in psychology. Smart, deadly, tight body and in one Hell of a tight costume that you love to watch her do flips in. True she is the bad guy most of the time, but really is anything about her that bad?

She is fun, silly, strong, tough, and likes her skimpy outfits and pigtails. She is a walking wet dream that was so divine in the animated series she got put into the comics and even got her own line. There is no mistaking this beauty has all the right skills to be a dream girl and in the end underneath the black heart is a golden one that will help you out and show you love… as long as she is currently mad at Mr. J that is. So the moral of the story is that if she is single go for it, and if she falls for you pray for dear life, but either way enjoy the roller coaster ride.

#1 – Mystique


Now really when doing a top list of hot comic characters there really is no final choice to top the list except for Mystique. You may question the logic of picking someone that looks like a Nav’i from Avatar minus the tail or potentially Smurfette all grown up after some plastic surgery, but there is one major and simple reason she is the end all be all of hot comic book characters. The fact she is seductive, gets some frisky moods, and can be ANY comic book character.

Mystique gets the ultimate bow of hotness as she is every dream you could come up with. If you want them fat, skinny, big chested, no chest, Asian, Hispanic, purple hair, etc. she can do it in a blink of an eye. You want Emma Frost Monday and Harley on Tuesday you just need Mystique. So why settle for one hot comic girl or one fantasy when you can be a bit greedy and get them all? For that reason alone Mystique is the hottest comic book girl of all time.