Hack/Slash: The Best of the Slashers

Posted on September 5, 2011 by


If you were ever a fan of 80’s slasher movies or simply a fan of horror with some comedy then I hope you have seen this comic series. This is the series that makes Jason whimper in pain and in lust. This comic stars a character who is smoking hot brandishing a baseball bat, some psychosis, and one Hell of a mean streak. To best explain the series in short all I can say is combine A Nightmare on Elm Street’s pop culture whit, Halloween’s deadly endless slasher, top it with a bit of Friday the 13th’s gore and sprinkle a bit of Shaun of the Dead for flavoring.

If we are gonna start this thing off right then we have to start with Ms. Cassie Hack herself. A character defined by her creation and hatred of it. She is the daughter of a serial killer that went through some deep Hell and has that killer instinct (pun fully intended) running through her. Do not get me wrong she is in the end still the classic horror victim and is a very lost child, but unlike almost all horror movie survivors she is far from innocent (even being technically inducted into the Suicide Girls). She is a victim that had too much and decided to stop running from Chucky and instead kick that doll’s ass across the room. In other words the victim all horror fans love to see beat the villain at the end.

Of course what is a survivor in a horror movie without a sidekick? They all had them; a friend, a parent, sometimes a stranger, or even a lover. You had to have that person worth fighting for to get that anger going and to help pull ya back when you go too ape shit nuts. In this case Cassie has her own mini-Vorhees in the character Vlad. He is a very mysterious character in the fact he has a lot of the “slasher” characteristics, but is very much a good loving person. Raised by a butcher that found him in the garbage and only going out for the first time after about 20 years where he met Cassie and quickly befriended her and became her protector of sorts. He does have a thing for Cassie and at times it appears she has somewhat of a thing for him, but mainly friendship. Damn… disfigured, bulky, a bit of nut and trapped in the friend zone… now that is a horror movie!

So you are saying you are still not sold on this yet? Okay I am going to have to ask you to start paying attention please. If you are watching a good old fashioned horror movie slasher flick like you are supposed to I will wait. Done yet? Oh come on you know he is gonna die he just had sex! Fine… done? Still not done yet? Here is a pic to get your attention. Yeah thought that would work. Let’s get back into this.

The basis of the comic revolves around Hack and Vlad taking on “Slashers” which is the name given to these elite killers. They are essentially evil beings made in different ways, but all magically deliciously evil. They do not cut corners and they will waste concerts, restaurants, psych wards, and pretty much anything living and breathing between them and their goal. So how can you stop these monsters? Yo do it with one hot babe and one hulking beast.

To give you an idea of how hot a title this is you have to go back to the beginning. The series began as a one shot, was popular and got several more one shots until eventually becoming a full fledged ongoing series. Now the series has subscribers, top artists and is still being worked one by the original creator to help keep the title fresh and strong. Now include the numerous crossovers that the title has gained over the years with major horror movie characters like Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees, Chucky, and getting some help from Suicide Girls among others.


To top off the series and give it the final bow most amazing series earn is that the series is getting a movie release. Actually it is slated for a couple of releases. To start they are doing an animated film in the style of an animated comic with Cassie Hack being voiced by the lovely Brea Grant. She is far from a novice when it comes to slashers as she has already been in Dexter for a season and in Halloween 2 from Rob Zombie. I also hope she gets to play her in the inevitable live action film based on the series.

Hopefully you did pay attention to this and go out and seek if not the individual comics then the several collections they have for it. It is not hard to start from the beginning and catch up to the series. Check it out before you get left in the dust and hear all your friends discussing the gore, laughs, and beauty that are in this series and you stand there looking confused. Do not be confused! Know your slashers and know the hottest heroine around!