Unlocking Mysteries with Lock & Key

Posted on September 7, 2011 by


Have you ever read the works of H. P. Lovecraft? If you answer “yes!” with some enthusiasm (I assume if you have read his works you are enthusiastic) then continue reading. If you said “No.” with some sadness (I assume if you have not read his works you are depressed) then please pause, go to the library, pick up a few books and feel free to return when done. My articles have all the patience in the world for those with good taste in literature.

Now that we have that settled we can begin to go into this comic. The reason I ask that is this is a comic that pays a lot of homage to the works of Lovecraft which even includes naming a town after him. While the work itself is not from Lovecraft’s stories the influence is strong and creates this great mysterious and weird vibe that few comics, books or movies can ever truly show. This is a comic that does a great job of providing an over arcing mystery throughout with some dark suspense to hold it together.

Describing this comic is not an easy task as there is no real one genre it falls into. It encompasses suspense, humor, mystery and some gore (though be it minor and thus a strong presence without turning a stomach). From the first comic on the story catches you. A list of mysteries and questions are given revolving around ghosts, keys, secret pasts, and some magic that you cannot help but have your inner child wish they had.

The true key to this story lies within the keys themselves. The namesake is not slapped on for no reason, but because the doors these keys unlock do some amazing things. With the turn of a key you can become a spirit and visit those around you and see things you couldn’t before. As the sounds of tumblers click into place you can walk through to any destination you want. The teeth all sliding into place will send you to a place where you can experience life as another sex. Even the click of a lock can open your mind and show things you never thought possible.

The keys are followed closely an importance by the doors of the house; the Key House. A place where many mysteries have fallen and been lost to time, but are starting to be found by the newest inhabitants; the Locke family. A family of lost souls all trying to find relief after a horrible incident. As they lean on each other and adjust to the new family home they find that their lives have only begun to be turned upside down and are now in the middle of a mystery that has spanned many generations and taken several lives in the process.

The family itself saw a devastating blow to their father in the first issue and the mom, two sons and daughter move in with their uncle in the Key house. Once there the mysteries unfold as one key after another is found that do things no one can understand and in the beginning no one believes but the innocent child. Beyond the keys and mental scars there is yet another piece that is finally falling into place with a mysterious voice deep down a well long forgotten; an echo from the past trying to reach the present for purposes unknown.

As the story unfolds players are found to have been in the game for many years hiding and trying to forget all they had done and had seen. The children fight off trying to be weird with being normal, but learn in time they have inherited more than a family name and must accept what is to come. The shadows step into the light and show themselves for who they are only to lead to discoveries that have been left in the dust of the past for a reason. Revenge is never far behind these children with the anger caused all around them. The mystery grows as it closes and a final outcome is soon to come and potentially bring the key house down with it; locks and all.

The truly saddest thing is the TV series based on this saw a pilot get made, but never was given the green light for a series. A lucky few got to see this pilot shown at Comic Con this year, but yet it was not meant to last. With a void of Lost and strong mysteries from TV left in the wake of shows endings here is hoping they give this one another chance. Not only can we have original comics and stories, but maybe in time original styled television as well.

These days in the world all that is made of cookie cutters it is not see someone step outside the box to find a new outlet. A title only influenced by and not ripping off a famous author to show the technique that was used, but not the material completely is a fresh scent in a dead sea. The title is drawn well, paced well, gives resolutions to questions while not spoiling the source and allows for a very addictive read. If you like horror, suspense, mystery and / or thrillers there is a lot for you to enjoy in this title.