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There’s been a lot of attention over the past week on DC Comics’ groundbreaking move to release comics on the same day in digital and print formats. Here are just a few of the stories that take a closer look at same-day digital:

Jim Lee told Salon.com that DC Comics broke a one-day digital sales record on the day JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 was released.

CNET’s Seth Rosenblatt told NBC News that same day digital “could potentially be the best thing for comics in decades.”

Fast Company speculated that the launch of same-day digital and The New 52 would change the comic world forever.

IGN has a Q&A with DC Comics’ SVP of Digital, Hank Kanalz.

PC Magazine theorized that digital comics will lead to broader industry growth.

NPR took a tongue-in-cheek approach to analyze the strong combination of launching DC Comics – The New 52 andgoing same-day digital.

Mashable discussed how DC will take advantage of the digital platform by “experimenting with deluxe digital editions, like issues that come with additional sketches or alternate covers.”

DigiDay Daily asked: “Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash are all starting over. So what better time to go all in on digital comic books?”

And last but certainly not least, USA TODAY stated that “DC Comics will make a historic step forward in digital comics.”

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