Top 5 Comic Book Moments

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In comics there are several moments to be seen and remembered for better or worse, but there are those moments every hardcore fan remembers. The moments you felt that comics were going to change and nothing was going to be the same again. However, most of these were changed later and retconned or just forgotten, but when they happened you paid attention.

#5 Marvel and DC Crossover

This event was probably one of the biggest fan boy wet dreams of all times and people took notice. You had top Marvel comic book heroes versus top DC comic book heroes in some bad ass one on one duels that would eventually lead to one entire universe no longer existing. Of course as both comic book giants still keep going in the end both universes were allowed to co-exist, but at the time the stakes were high and the fun was there.

To add to the dream the companies even allowed fans to vote on winners for some of the duels. Including Batman vs. Captain America, Superman vs. The Hulk and Wolverine vs. Lobo. So not only were these titans battling it out over territory, but the fans got to pick their favorite titans to win. It is probably still arguably the biggest crossover of all time as it was not a single character or a single universe but several characters from the two biggest universes.

Since DC is going through a reboot I say we have the old school DC battle it out with the new DC, fans vote on which to keep and then we put those winners up against the Marvel Universe and see what happens. Maybe it is just me that wants to see that.

#4 The Death of Gwen Stacy

In all of comics with all of the deaths there were few that held a light to this one. Not only because of how it happened, but because of why it happened. This was an event that proved why heroes need their identities kept secret, why physics do matter, and why villains are far crazier and unexpected than you think. This all got captured in the moment that Green Goblin dropped Gwen from the top of a bridge and in a fit to save her Spider-man may have accidentally killed her.

Many moments leave a hero depressed and in a wake of self misery, but few can ever claim that they may have been the cause of the death of their love at the time. As Spidey webbed up Gwen to save her you can argue the shock killed her, you can argue the fear just stopped her heart, or you can argue that the sudden stop from a high fall to single point snapped her like a twig. This is what Peter Parker had to question and deal with. He failed to keep his identity a secret, he put her in danger, and he may have been the force that took her from this world.

While in time Spider-man found himself and found his soul mate in Mary Jane Watson he never forgot about Gwen even holding off on getting close to MJ because of it and trying to keep her out. Much like with the loss of Uncle Ben he learned a great lesson that day and would always carry both moments with him as proof of why he needs to fight and a reason behind fighting as he does.

#3 The Joker Cripples the Batman Family

Every comic has a villain, every movie tends to have one, but no villain compares to The Joker. He is insane, cruel, screwed up in the head, and has no sense of morals. Proof of this can be found in technically two moments I am going to combine into one as they are both the Joker breaking all barriers and doing things no comic book had the guts to really do.

First by a popular vote (yes people voted for this) we have the death of Jason Todd. The Joker captured the current Robin and held him captive while Batman lost his mind worrying. Then in a true insane fashion began to take a crowbar to the kid. Now most comics would not even go that far, but DC turned it up to 11 and let the readers vote on the fate of the young boy wonder. His fate was not to be and the joker beat him to death. He beat a young boy and hero to death.

But the joker did not stop here when it came to this family. The boy wonder was not enough and with a complete accident (not knowing she was batgirl) the Joker crippled Barbara Gordon with a shot to the spine; leaving her paralyzed and in a wheel chair. This would not stop the hero from becoming The Oracle, but was enough to rock the Batman family to the core and leave Bruce wondering if it was safe to ever let someone in and the audience wondering the same thing.

#2 Watchmen

This was just the comic. It re-wrote how comics work and how people viewed heroes. No one was innocent and pure, no one had the righteous want for saving the world and all could be corrupted one way or another. It was a way to show the arrogance one needed to be a hero and the fall that arrogance would call. It brought to light the true brutality of being a hero. That locking them up and waiting for them to get released was not always the answer and that to stop something you had to go farther.

This comic mini-series also gave light to the darkening of heroes. It was not just them borderline evil from the start it was the downfall that got them there. The heroes who would sell out and those who would fight for what THEY believe. It showed cruelty in the group, it showed an end no one saw coming, it even had a final moment where no one truly won, but was it their fault or society’s?

Elements of this comic have been used time and again since its creation. It was reality in comics which until then had never been done to this level. There was no all American hero who fought for purity and could not be corrupted. It was dark, it was harsh and it was real. This comic set a new bar that to this day other comics try to live up to.

#1 The Death of Superman


In time this event has become somewhat of a joke. The fact the main hero can never fully die and how many people held on to these comics making them not worth much at all. However, when this event happened it was big. It was, and to me still is, the biggest comic book moment of all time. Watching not just a comic book icon die, but what is arguably THE comic book icon die. Not in some explosion, not in a cloud of dust, but in a bloody fist knock down drag out brawl. Literally watching him get beat to death.

This was a moment that proved no one was immortal and no one was invincible. There was a way to kill even a god. The final image of the torn cape flying in the wind as Lois held the dead man of steel is one of the biggest scenes in the history of inked pages. A world within those pages wept at the loss of their greatest hero who died sacrificing himself to save everyone else; the only true way a hero could die.

He may have come back, along with a few “imposters”, but no one could ignore the day the greatest hero was taken down. Hate him or love him you knew of him and whether in a fit of joy or a dark cloud of depression you knew when it happened, you bought the books, and you read with intensity to the final climatic moment.