Get Your Kicks on Route 666

Posted on September 12, 2011 by


Okay so the lyrics do not work as well with the extra 6 in there, but trust me when I say it is needed for this lovely twisted comic. The plot of this comic may not be exactly what you think and at times can feel like a bad black and white horror movies from the 50’s. Those things combined though are part of the charm that is within these pages of soul stealing monsters and one woman out to save their souls.

This series is one of the ones about to be brought back by Marvel in their Crossgen comic mini-series revival (say that 5 times fast and you can have a cookie). So far I am not a big fan of the revivals that Marvel has put out, but at least this one looks interesting. Like any good detective and horror movie fan will tell you when trying to solve something; let’s focus on what we do know right now and speculate what we don’t know based off those conclusions.

The original series takes place on a different planet that at the current time is similar in ways to our Earth in the 1950’s as far as lifestyle and technology goes. There are opposing forces that even mimic the cold war of the time. However, to stick with the Sigilverse (the universe that is set in almost all Crossgen titles) it had to be its own planet and life. However as a sucker for the good old alien and monster vibe of that era I was somewhat hooked from the beginning and let’s admit it the catchy title also helped.

The main character is a teenage female with several bad incidents and psychological problems that put her right in the middle of everything. From a young age Cassie has been able to see the souls of the departed. Spirits left behind for one reason or another and as any good sane child would do she repressed this ability until it was a small ball locked in a suitcase under her bed. Flash forward a few years and while working on her skills as a gymnast she mucks up leading to a chain reaction that leads to the death of her good friend. Shut down by grief and disbelief that suitcase sprung open like an over packed bag on an airplane and shot the girl into a deep state of psychosis.

Now where do you send someone who has flipped their wig and swears she sees dead people? Well, to a sanitarium full of people behind a conspiracy to steal the souls of those who died in tragic ways of course! Actually the Crossgen universe made a lot of use of a separate dimension and these “monsters” were agents working for someone from that dimension to capture the souls for some plot that was not directly revealed mainly due to Crossgen shutting its doors in 2004. Having learned of all this (the monsters not Crossgen filing bankruptcy) Cassie breaks free and escapes.

The problem is that when you try to tell people there are beings from “another world” dressing as monsters to steal souls who have died in violent and horrible ways no one is too inclined to believe you. When they find out she knows of them and see them do this the “monsters” begin to set up Cassie as the fall guy for murders. Now considered a psychopath by the world, constantly seeing dead people, running from monsters out to kill or frame her and with possibly the fate of not only her world but another at her feet this comic has kicked into full gear.


The series centers around most of that for the run of the comic. So do not feel it is a slow burn. It takes a few issues and then you are smack dab in the middle of it. The story revolves around Cassie as she goes through trying to stop a threat only she can see and no one believes. In time she does meet a fellow comrade in a local sheriff of the area named Cisco. He in time does support her once he believes her and does try to help her. Too bad it took a tragic death to get these two together, but once they are you can see a relationship form between them akin to their own twisted family.

Now as with most Crossgen comics this series never had an official end and was stopped pretty mid-story as the ceased all comics when they filed for bankruptcy. Marvel has picked up running Crossgen titles as all Crossgen properties are owned by Disney and Disney owns Marvel. The series so far have differed a bit from their originals and have no ties to them. Route 666 is no different.

The new series will be set on Earth in the 50’s, revolve around two partners investigating the “monsters” and trying to solve the mystery in 4 issues. Now some things will be similar. The route is going to be the same, the main characters will be Cassie and Cisco, and everything will still have that 50’s feel to it. However from the images shown it looks like the comic is taking a lead from the old MIB or Vampire Wars style cartoons. This is where they look like new animation styles set in old times and for me that has never blended well. Time will tell soon enough though if the new comic can live up to the fun, dark and gritty original.