Top 5 Comic Book Movies of All Time

Posted on September 17, 2011 by


I am gonna start off this column with a simple phrase, “This was not an easy task!” Over the years there have been many movies based on comic books. Some have been fantastic, some have been okay, and some we simply do our best to forget exist. As with every top list some will have to be left off, but these are the ones no fan can say they have not seen less than about 5 times.

#5 The Crow

Yes this one is going to make the top 5. If you wonder why stop and think about that. How many times have you seen this movie? How many times have you quoted it? How many people do you know who dress, speak, and live by this film? This movie makes the top 5 for the sheer cult following behind it that has lasted decades and still holds strong.

Add in the fact that this plays out as a perfect movie should. It starts strong and depressing, gives you that loss and hope throughout the story, has revenge, dark villains, and finishes in a way that leaves you wanting more but still satisfied. The Crow is one of the most iconic and relatable Anti-Hero and is played to perfection by a late Brandon Lee.

Compared to the comics there are some changes as really the movie borrowed from a few different versions of the Crow, but it combined them well. In my opinion it showed you can take the different crows and overlay them as they all share many things and in the end hate, fear, and desires unite us all.

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Now really; can you have a movie list of comic book movies and not include this one in there? This movie truly launched a franchise that runs to this day and has lost almost no real steam behind it. When this movie came out the world was changed. Kids had icons, pizza delivery sky rocketed, parents could watch their kids’ movies with them, and 3 sequels. Not to mention the cartoon series picking back up after the movie and several series that followed this which you can attribute to this film.

The movie was fun and did create a great atmosphere and again played out as a perfect movie should. It started strong with a mystery, gave characters introductions that made you relate to them, it gave heart break with loss of a father, paced itself well and gave that happy good 80’s early 90’s ending. The movie did not miss much and gave us everything we could want from a film not only of the time, but a decently timeless one.

Before you question the logic of this one have you not said “Cowabunga” in your life, wanted a bad ass hideout in the sewers or took up martial arts thinking you could be a turtle one day? I say any movie you can show your kids over 20 years later and have them love it as much as you did deserves to top the lists out there.

#3 Superman 1 & 2

Okay these we are going to have group together because really, can you watch one without the other? This is one of the first examples of shooting two movies at once for the sake of knowing there was going to be a sequel. Now why is this one on the list? Why in the Hell wouldn’t it be? It had a lot of charm, cheese, was fun and kind of dark and the whole movie is just seemingly happy.

Stop and think about these films as they play out. The beginning of Superman introduces us to the villains for Superman II. So right there is an automatic buy in for a sequel you are dying to see. Add in the origin story of Superman being done well, yet somewhat fast, and still heart breaking when his father is lost that gave us a reason to believe that Clark would grow up to be a great guy. Now throw in one of the most iconic scores of all time in a movie and really what else are you looking for?

The films do sadly date themselves and they look as old as they are and the acting does get cheesy for sure, but when Christopher Reeves bust out the perfect All American smile to Margo Kidder; you know you are won over. Not to mention nerds worldwide have said the phrase “Kneel before *insert joke here*” at least once in their lives. It is the charm in the ham of the movie that makes you ignore how bad it gets and just leaves you loving it. This is a movie on every nerd’s shelf and will be a movie shown to many generations to come.

#2 The Dark Knight

Here is where the townsfolk start grabbing the torches and coming for my head. “How can The Dark Knight not be #1???” Truth be told I love this movie. It has a lot of amazing things in it, but does have a few flaws and maybe it is because of how over-hyped it has become it does not top my list. In the end though it is still by leaps and bounds one of the most amazing comic book films of all time.

The movie has some of the best performances by any movie villains. The Joker and Harvey Dent are played to a perfection that 1 out of 1,000 movies gets to see come to light. Sadly this being one of Heath Ledger’s last films he was not around to continue this work, but he has definitely left something iconic on the minds of the future kids and comic book fans.


A comic book movie not aimed at children alone is amazing and done with style and designs rarely seen are amazing. Batman with tools above what most have but not out of fantasy as the comics and other movies have become is impressive. There are flaws to this movie, but the lines, screenplay, scenes and characters will make you forget them all and teach you one amazing magic trick.


#1 Spider-Man 2


So now we come to the top. This movie that has topped the rest, but why this movie? It is not as iconic as the Crow, did not start a franchise war like TMNT, the scores are not as known as Superman and the acting may not be as great as The Dark Knight, but it has something they slightly lack… it is a perfect movie. Taking out the fact it is a comic book based movie the story here is perfection. It is a perfect sequel with everything done right.

The villain is relatable. You can truly feel for him and see his downfall and realize it is not completely his fault, but know his depression and his anger and want. He is smart, can outwit the good guy, has power and focus. The hero is flawlessly full of flaws. We got to skip Peter Parker’s origins but get to see his struggles. See the flaws come out we all struggle with. You feel the weight that sits on him as he questions if he even deserves happiness. These two are the same coin with the same sides that just landed differently.

The pacing of the movie is perfect as well. It is fast when it needs to be, funny to break it up, depressing and awe inspiring at times, has great action, a built in love story and a happy ending that all fits in a reasonable amount of time. This is a film you watch and forget how long it is because you get lost in it. So this film does not top the list as it is so accurate or because of one break out role, but because all summed up it uses the comic, uses the characters, you relate and the movie has almost no true flaws in it.