Wicked Cool After Dark: El Superbeasto

Posted on September 20, 2011 by


Put the children to bed, put on a nice silk smoking jacket, and pour yourself a glass of vermouth as it is time to dim the lights and look at the world after dark. Today we are going to take a look at a comic that is far from what your parents had; El Superbeasto. To give you an idea of how adult this comic is the creator is Rob Zombie (yes that Rob Zombie… are there more than one of this guy?)


Much like his movies Rob Zombie creates a feel that throws back to the grindhouse movies of the 70’s. Sex is rampant, characters are over the top and the stories are something that just makes you laugh. There is some gore and it does it graphic in other ways, but this is done in a way that would make Tex Avery proud. The comic takes place in Monsterland with a cast of characters you will never see anywhere else and sometimes that may be for the best.

With a suit stolen from John Travolta that screams Staying Alive we have our title character El Superbeasto at the heart of the story. A man who lives in the night life of Monsterland, drinks until he cannot walk, parties until he can take no more and finds endless love in women from the undead to the larger than life. Don’t let his legendary career as a luchadore fool you as he is a self made man… in that he makes his own “home movies” with his lovely lady of the night, or at least the lovely lady of that night.

Superbeasto is a hero beyond all others. Superman will never use the might of his “justice league membership” to stop crime nor would Batman ever have a car shaped like his “batarang” to drive around in. Superbeasto does things in styles other comic book characters just do not have the guts to do themselves, but you know they would if they could. It takes a specific type of person to be strong, kick ass, and pull off the things that he can pull off.

Of course Superbeasto would not be a man’s man unless he had his flaws. While he may be able to hold his breath for an astounding time and has more virility than Shazaam could muster he does not like to actually save people. The damsel in stress he will save… for himself, but past that he does not want to put out too much effort which would take away from his night club partying time. When those moments arise we have his lovely sister Suzi X.

Suzi X is the super spy sister to the legend (in his own mind) that is Superbeasto. She is hot, sexy, kinky and one Hell of a hero. Her robot sidekick Murray is obsessed with her and constantly tries to show her all of his attachments, but in the end the girl has no need for toys as she has no end of men knocking down her door when she is not knocking down theirs. She knows the extent of her brother’s antics and tries her best to keep the man in line, but with a libido that confuses Hugh Hefner there is only so much you can control.

The story itself through the comics is out there. It is silly and funny in a way most comics will never have the gonads to be. From Frankenstein mating in a graveyard, to a demon basically bribing someone to marry them, to a gorilla who can out think his master, to a Frankenstein biker gang, to… well damn just think of obscure and obscene things you have never seen in a comic and just assume it is in this one.


This is not your daddy’s comic, and trust me if he had it he would have saved a lot on a playboy subscription, and your mother would not let you back in the house if she knew you had it. The antics, comedy, and ludicrous stories will make you question whether or not you care to see your parents anytime soon as it may be worth the ban. Of course you will also stop, look at your children, and pray they never look in the shoe box under your bed.