Speculating on The Spectre

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In a world of unoriginal plots and ideas we see some things come through that we want to get out there. How many times has Batman been done? Yet you will still go see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters because it is done right (or I assume it will be). Now we have a chance for something new that I would love to see, but doubt will be any good with who is behind it. The Spectre, who is a personal favorite comic book character of mine, is green lit to have a pilot made for a possible TV series.

If you do not know about the character then I highly recommend when you are done with this go to Wikipedia and look him up or Google the character. I personally can only explain so much in this article, but let him into your heart is all I ask. The character is an essence a Crow like vengeful spirit who seeks to stop the evil doers of the world in many fun ways.

The character has gone through a few incarnations, but the most famous is the original; Jim Corrigan. This was a cop that was killed in a pretty nasty way and came back from the dead imbued with the powers of the wrath of God. In essence the wrath of God is given a form of almost a spirit and sentient energy that takes on different hosts at different parts in time. This time the endless power of vengeance went to Corrigan who throughout the decades in both several of his own series and in other series would go against criminals and end their ways in very harsh and cruel ways. An anti-hero sponsored by God to end the world’s suffering and remove all those who committed crimes against humanity.

Eventually though Corrigan finds peace and the Spectre abilities end up in none other than Hal Jordan (yes that Hal Jordan). In an attempt to atone for sins he feel he committed as Parallax, Hal takes to using the Spectre as a vessel for atonement to stop criminals in his own way and find peace. This version did not last too long, but had some of the best art in it and really allowed Hal Jordan to step up as more than a simple Green Lantern and prove why he is THE Green Lantern.

The final form of the Spectre laid within Crispus Aleen where he went through Brightest Day stopping Parallax, the Red Lantern Butcher and more. This is technically the current version of The Spectre though with the reboot they may change this. For now though this is where the story ends, but it is one Hell of a story for sure.

In all of his form The Spectre was simply bad ass. He was the Ghost Rider of the Dc Universe with basically endless reality controlling powers. He would turn his victims into inanimate objects and crush them, turn them into skeletons, and simply brutalize all. For awhile he was his own entity with no human host that led the character to become in essence mad where all crimes were punished by severe means. He even went as far as to remove all magic from the world as magic breaks the laws set by God thus were unholy (a pretty interesting concept and debate).

Now Fox has this series. I wish I could say I was thrilled by this but Fox is also the company that turned Locke and Key which looks amazing from the trailer of the unaired pilot. Also really how in depth can Fox go with censors to how much the Spectre uses his powers? Basic TV is not a place for this character as it is darker and grittier than even Batman. A truly good series around him though could be amazing with all there is to go into with him.

Now of course for the list of what I speculate will be changed. He will not be a vessel of God’s wrath and at most be an angel of vengeance. His powers will not be all encompassing and reality altering and instead probably be a weird form of telekinesis and shape shifting at most. The character will not be Hal Jordan as that requires the Green Lantern license and will more than likely be Corrigan which I am perfectly fine with. The show will not be set in the 40’s as the original comic was and will be set in today’s time with a New York cop (seem to always be from NY) who gets shot down by a mob boss, but the character will wear some kind of old looking clothing as a “throwback”.

This is a series I would love to see, but not in the hands of who I want to see it with. Fox has been a show killer before many times over, but has been known to push the censors for what it believes… too bad it never believes in sci-fi fantasy shows anymore let alone anything attached to a comic book. If it looks half as good as the animated short DC put out though I will be the first to eat my crow pie while I sit in front of my TV staring at something that would be unique and amazing.


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