Top 5 Marvel Comic Villainesses

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As last time we had the Top 5 Villains I felt a little sad no true villainess made the list. Is it because they are worse than their male counter-parts? No; it is because most get swept under the rug and forgotten about. Only a few get the spot light when so many more deserve it. These femme fatales are among some of the deadliest in existence and if I combined them with the males they would not have shown enough. So these daring women of crime and corruption get their own love and their own list.

To make this list I had to make some hard choices so I decided to split the list up for now starting with Marvel. These villainesses had to go above and beyond. Being hot will not get you on this list alone, being deadly might, but it is those who can combine class, viciousness, intrigue, and beauty all held together by a killer instinct that make this list. Oh and being slightly psychotic never hurts either.

#5 Selene (The Black Queen)

Well, if longevity has anything to do with this list then it is hard to top this lovely Hellfire. She is several thousand years old as is essentially one of the first mutants. How has she been alive so long and what is her amazing ability you ask? Well glad you did or this would be a short article; she is an essence an essence vampire. She lives off of the mental essence of people and by draining them can extend her own life as long as she has a “food source”.

What gets her on this list you ask now? You are full of good questions today. She is on the list because she is not only evil and immortal, but uses her beauty to a great extent tricking people into following her and also she has a very devilish mind that has allowed her to put people she hates on the top of most wanted lists and get them out of her way. She knows how to move the pieces and is truly a perfect fit for the Hellfire Club where she donned the named Black Queen.

Speaking of the Hellfire Club they are another good reason she is on the list… well, at least their deaths are a reason. Believing herself to be the only one who is suitable to run the organization she sought to take it out for some time and after House of M left her one of the few mutants with abilities she swept through and killed the entire Hellfire Club as it was with her minions (all of whom she had tricked and manipulated into following her). If a complete uprising, eternal life of hatred, strong beauty, and the ability to play people like chess pieces is not a good enough reason to make this list then buddy you are reading the wrong article.

#4 Cassandra Nova

Oh where to start with this one? Let’s start with this is a mutant with no real form actually and instead has to take on forms from other people essentially cloning DNA to be able to have a shape. So of course being from X-Men the first person she chose was Professor Xavier’s. She was in essence (no pun intended) the twin sister to Professor X. Mind you though there is a debate to if she counts as a mutant or simply in alien parasitic being that has to copy bodies to survive. I say, “Why can’t I be an alien parasite and a mutant?!”

Now what gets this little known person on this list? The main reason is that the character committed genocide through manipulation. She basically manipulated the right people to get a small sect of sentinels sent to Genosha which killed only a few million mutants; just about around 16 million, that’s all. She even then after that switched with Prof X and was playing him for awhile with the Professor unable to stop her.

Oh and possibly she might have tried to infiltrate the Shi’ar and kill off a species of aliens which she was barely stopped from, but not before a basic all out war was fought against the X-Men until they could prove it. Really was not much at all. I have no idea why she is on this list.

#3 Mary, Typhoid, Bloody Mary, Mutant Zero


No I am not cheating by adding in several people for one slot, well okay not several bodies anyway. Typhoid Mary suffers from a very strong case of multiple personalities that causes her shattered mind to become any personality at almost any given time. Now add in telekinetic abilities and pyrokinesis as well and you have a very deadly cocktail that is hard to say no to.

Beyond all this is the fact she is beautiful in all the right ways that make you want to do the wrong things. That bad girl that shows up on the Harley clad in leather that can kick your ass or make you beg for more and no matter how dangerous you want to know which it is. She uses this to have an on again off again relationship with Daredevil and even seduces Kingpin to try and kill him.

Of course my favorite part of her insane career is the fact at one point one personality hired Deadpool to kill her, one hired Deadpool to break her out, and one personality hired someone else to break her out for a killing spree. After this was settled she ran around with Deadpool for awhile. Mixing a schizophrenic fire starting telekinetic with a fourth wall breaking smart ass still has to be one of the best decisions ever.


#2 Loki


I admit it… this is where I am going to bend my own rules. Technically Loki is allowed to be on here as he was for a good deal inside a female form and was a girl for intensive purposes. Not to mention as the great trickster it only makes sense he/she tricks his/her way onto this list. This character is one of the best incarnations of Loki from old lore as he is a trickster, manipulative and power hungry, but in a more fun intriguing way than most.

Let’s run down the stats for Loki: Had a hand in the events of Raganarok, had tricked all of his fellow Asgardians, had a hand in his own discovery by Odin and being raised by him, took over the body of Thor’s former lover when reborn to gain his trust, and even sacrificed himself in order to be reborn for a grand plan. The last part to me is the most impressive and shows how truly far ahead Loki thinks and plots as he (was male at that point) did not even have his memories when reborn so he had to set things up to get these.

When it comes to the Marvel Universe no one by far is as manipulative and fore thought as Loki is. Having planned thinks seemingly millennia in advance and executing his plans to near perfection with only those small cracks and when his ego gets the best of him. Loki has worked with just about every major super villain in the Marvel Universe and has survived two major deaths and reincarnations to keep fighting. If that doesn’t earn him/her a top spot then I do not know what should.

#1 Elektra


Yes this woman tops my list, because in the end she has the stats to back it all up. Unlike everyone else on this list she has no super power just pure skill with weapons, physical attributes that leave her as deadly as she is hot and a cold blooded streak to make any ice queen jealous. The woman has possibly killed more human beings than damn near any other Marvel character and has done almost every single one without flinching or hesitation.

Even if you just go back to her origins she was created by the great and timeless Frank Miller. One of my heroes of the comic book world who knew how to write characters you could love, but were dead inside, or fought for the right cause using the wrong ways. Elektra personifies this with the fact she is a known assassin, but has chosen her targets a lot in order to kill those she felt needed to be removed, or simply stood in her way.

She is of course known as the love interest of Daredevil, but has been known to turn her back on him on a few occasions and was even responsible for Kingpin getting evidence that proves Daredevil’s real identity (granted though this was while she still worked for Kingpin). In the latest big arc of Shadowland Elektra basically takes over running The Hand alongside Daredevil and originally did so to have him go darker and corrupt in purely out of hatred and spite towards him.


The phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” should be tattooed across this woman’s heart. She is silent, quick, deadly with almost any edged weapon, heavily trained, and colder inside than the deepest frozen tundra. She has earned her place as the top of the biggest and baddest of the femmes in Marvel’s long villainess list.

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