What’s Up C2E2?

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If you are a fan of conventions like we are, then you probably look forward to seeing new guests and get excited about planing your trips to various cons throughout the year. We plan conventions months and months in advance to make sure we make it to the ones most important to us and of course, see the guests we are most looking forward to.

That being said, we were looking forward to hearing who C2E2 had in store for us this year. We attended the first ever C2E2 two years ago and had a fantastic time. (see our review here)

For months now we have waited anxiously. First for the dates to be released and now for an actual guest list… or at least the beginnings of one. But they seem to be giving us nothing to work with.

Now we receive an email from Lance Fensterman, show manager for C2E2, advertising pre-sale tickets at a “discounted holiday price”. How do you expect us to plan a trip if we don’t even know who is coming? He even went on to say:

“Wondering who’s coming to this year’s show?  We have some guests lined up that will make your comic filled hearts skip a beat or two. It wouldn’t be any fun to give it all away on the first shot, so for now just enjoy saving some cash. We’re getting ready to blow you away Chicago, stick with us and we promise you won’t be disappointed.”

While this may seem like an almost recognition of the fact that they have no guests posted for a convention supposed to show down in four short months, it also feels a lot like a taunting slap in the face to anyone who may have to plan travel. For instance, the last time we went to C2E2 we decided driving over flying because we took over 500 comics with us to be signed. We also based our hotel stay on what we would be expected to carry back and forth, shuttle options, and staying late one night for An Evening With Neil Gaiman… but these type of things still remain un-plannable at this point.

The email goes on to boast:

“We’re gearing up to make C2E2 2012 the most explosive show the windy city has ever seen. With what we have in store for you, it would be insane for you to pass up this deal.” 

How could we possibly know that? Lance also states that registration for Artist Alley closes tomorrow. Information like that only further begs the question “Why can’t you post ANYthing about who may be coming?”

Not only does a potential traveler need to plan trip and accommodations, but let’s be fair… the longer we have to wait to find out if it’s even worth the jaunt halfway across the country, the more expensive the trip becomes. The average Jane/Joe doesn’t have a few thousand dollars lying around to make last-minute plans just because you are either trying to be mysterious or plain out lazy about telling us how interested we are.

We have asked C2E2 on twitter when their guest list will be posted as well as several people on their own website stating no tickets will be bought until they are announced… it seems though, that our queries are falling on deaf ears. As of yet we have had no response on any boards, discussions or comment strings as to when we can expect the announcements to start.

Sad to say, C2E2 but the longer you take, the less likely it is that we (and many others it seems) will be attending.

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