About Us

We are Wicked Cool Comics.

The first thing to know about Wicked Cool Comics is that we are collectors too. That means we will do our best to give you up-to-date information and ideas as often as we can… because that’s how we’d want it!

We specialize in signed comic books, conventions, and other comic related things. We will often post about comic books, creators, conventions, comic book movies, and many other aspects of the wicked cool world of comics.

Take a moment to check out our costume gallery too… and feel free to click the thumbnails to see them bigger. I’m sure you’ll love what you see! PLUS, if you catch us at a convention in your costume, you could end up in our costume gallery! We will post our favorites from all the conventions we attend.

To the left of our page you will see some examples of our current auctions on ebay as well as our twitter feed. Please feel free to check out anything you see that you are interested in. And keep in mind that we always want to hear what you have to say. Also, please feel free to ask us any questions you have about us, our policies, or our products. We will always be more than happy to answer them

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  2. Awesome! There is a huge gay community in the greater Orlando area. I can certainly do a discussion/booksigning for you if you’re interested. :)

  3. There is no information about your location anywhere on this website…


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